Scissor Sisters – I can’t decide.

I don’t normally post songs as there are so many I like, but the lyrics to this song definitely make me smile every time I listen to it.


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24 Responses to Scissor Sisters – I can’t decide.

  1. ish says:

    Scissor Sisters – I Don’t Feel like Dancing.

    If this song makes you smile, that song will definitely make you dance. :D


  2. Cat says:

    Yeah, i’ve got that as well, got their entire discography. I’m not too sure what to think of them though. I listen to their music like I listen to any other music, but I’m not too sure if I like it, apart from this song’s lyrics.

    But then again I’ve been known to change my mind, so check back in some months time!


  3. ish says:

    Well, I don’t usually dance on songs either but that song has something about it that makes me want to. I guess you should stop making sense out of songs sometimes and just enjoy them. That’s what happens with that song.


  4. Cat says:

    Haha, I’ll listen to it again when it comes up in my random shuffle.

    I’ve started listened to music on my laptop as well nowinstead of the 360, installed Winamp and got a profile. If you’ve got one feel free to add me, carocatuk using my normal email address. :)


  5. ish says:

    Would have added you but I’ve stopped using Last.FM myself because I mostly listen to songs on the iPod now.


  6. Cat says:

    Fair enough! So that means when I finally listen to music on the laptop meaning it can get taken up by everyone else stops. Gotta love my luck!


  7. ish says:

    Lol, Last.FM tends to get boring lol. What’s the fun in trying to see all the songs you’ve already listened to. I already know the trends. Coldplay is most listened, next comes Green Day, then Robbie Williams and the remaining positions are taken by random new artists and oldies like Savage Garden and stuff. And their shoutbox is shit too. But I’ll start using it again for you. Darn, I’m such a nice person. :P


  8. Cat says:

    Ahaha. you don’t have to, don’t worry! :)

    Thing is it’s different with me, I listen to my entire music collection on shuffle pretty much 99% of the time. I’ve now been putting more and more of my music on my laptop [halfway there now I guess] and I’m really, really surprised about my trends so far. After just over 600 songs since yesterday, my most listened artists are:

    Howard Shore 33
    Oasis 23
    Manic Street Preachers 23
    The Future Sound of London 22
    Xavier Naidoo 19
    Murray Gold 16
    John Williams 16
    Avril Lavigne 13
    Lacuna Coil 13
    Jennifer Lopez 13

    But then again that obviously depend who I’ve got the most music for; Howard Shore [Lotr] and John Williams [Star Wars] are loads of songs for all the films. Lacuna Coil is around 200 songs as well..

    I guess this all warrants an extra post after a week or so lol.

    But yeah, d/w about, I was just joking. :)


  9. Sha says:

    I love this song! I think my most listen to are Savage Garden, Linkin Park and finally Sarah Mclachlan to show how diverst my taste is :P


  10. killarapp says:

    I love to see which of my artists I listen to most is great. Right now Blur is souring up with about 200 listens over xmas :) go Blur!


  11. Cat says:

    I do like Sarah McLachlan as well. Never would’ve thought you for a Linkin Park fan, Sha!

    See I never teally got into Blur much, I do have some of their older stuff though.


  12. ish says:

    Yeah, it’s cool in the beginning. I went through a big amount of trouble trying to scrobble my tracks through the iPod and turned out it wasn’t very difficult. Every time I connect the iPod to the computer to recharge it, it uploads the list of songs to Last.FM. After I got the computer rebooted though, I didn’t bother to put everything back.


  13. Sha says:

    Same. I never was a Blur fan though they do have some really good songs. Lol. I tend to surprise people there. I love Linkin Park. Missing one of their albums which I still have to find in HMV.


  14. Cat says:

    I’m not sure yet if registers sogngs played when offline? Does anyone know?

    Sha, which one are you missing?

    # Hybrid Theory EP (1999)
    # Hybrid Theory (2000)
    # Reanimation (2002)
    # Meteora (2003)
    # Collision Course (with Jay-Z) (2004)
    # Minutes to Midnight (2007)


  15. Sha says:

    I’m missing Reanimation.

    And about I don’t believe it does.


  16. Juan says:

    This song is awesome. It’s one of my favorites by the Scissor Sisters


  17. Cat says:

    You’re actually missing the best one, Sha!

    And having listened to all their albums in the last few days I definitely agree. Thanks for stopping by. :)


  18. killarapp says:

    Radiohead are still cleaning up on’s rankings. Its not just the free songs in the top 20 too.

    But what really impresses me is how their played more often to The Beatles which is not only the biggest band in history but also has frequently really short songs, so you can listen to more in the time you could listen to something else.

    Then theres Pink Floyd with lots of really long songs being the 11th most played band on which is really really impressive.

    Sorry I just find fasinating :)

    Linkin Parks there too at 7th place, i would listen to the album i have here but i got so much Brit pop to listen to :)


  19. Cat says:

    I don’t really remember ever listening to much Radiohead. Pink fFoyd have some good songs as far as I remember.

    I’m still getting my head round my own stats. I don’t think the trend is very reflective, quite a few of my stuff is wrongly labelled and there are a few things that I’ve skipped that I’m not have shown up or not.

    Still, it’s great and I’ll make a post about it once I’ve got more data.


  20. ish says:

    The Last.FM audiscrobbler thing collects a record of all the songs you’ve listened when you were offline and then uploads them all at one go when you go online. Best part is, it retains the timings when you listened to the songs.


  21. Cat says:

    Cheers, Ish. I’ve just noticed it too.

    Another question you or killarapp might know: Smetimes when I’ve skipped a song it’s come up, most of the times it doesn’t. Is there a limit, like if I skip before a minute or half the song is over it’ll not be counted?


  22. ish says:

    Yeah, the song gets scrobbled only when half of it has been played, and that half should be without forwarding and stuff. Pause doesn’t make a problem. Whenever the song reaches half time (according to it’s duration), it gets scrobbled.


  23. Cat says:

    Nice one, cheers. :)


  24. Sha says:

    Yeah. I know. I’m thinking I ought to maybe go and buy it or see if someone I know is willing to give me a copy.


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