Doctor Who – Partners in Crime

The wait is finally over and the Doctor is back with a new series, new companions and some new music. Not to mention gripping storylines and big surprises.

Woohoo, Doctor Who and bizarre aliens are back!
Woohoo, Doctor Who and bizarre aliens are back!

Many spoilers follow, do not carry on reading if you don’t want the story spoilt or genuine surprises revealed.

When we last saw the Doctor he had just lost another companion of sorts – Astrid who died after sacrificing herself during ‘Voyage of the Damned’. Just before that Martha and her family suffered for a whole year as prisoners or on the run. And not to mention Rose who is stuck in another universe. It’s endearing to watch him talk to himself in the TARDIS or how he still gets that funny look on his face when someone mentions Rose.

He's all alone..
He’s all alone..

He’s changed allright, the past seems to weigh him down. He seems more downbeat and realises what has happened to his companions and that without them he is lonely, but he also knows travelling with him puts them in danger. Towards the end of the episode he has a more serious talk with Donna briefly mentioning it. That was one of the stronger scenes in the episode, it shows the character development that has happened in the last three years. The Doctor’s come a long way since ‘Rose’.

The Doctor and Donna reunited - fixing things as always..
The Doctor and Donna reunited – fixing things as always..

The episode itself is straightforward. Both the Doctor and Donna Noble, last seen back in the 2006 Christmas special – The Runaway Bride, separately investigate Adipose Industries, the company behind a new diet pill. Both are unaware of each other which leads to some very comedic scenes of them very closely missing each other. The diet pill isn’t all that meets the eye and instead of just burning the fat it creates a new lifeform, the Adipose.

Miss Foster - a great opponent, deliciously ruthless!
Miss Foster – a great opponent, deliciously ruthless!

The main opponent is Miss Foster, the CEO of Adipose Industries or, as revealed later in the episode, Matron Caphelia, an extraterrestrial midwife employed by the Adipose First Family to breed their children after their own breeding planet was lost, something that sadly doesn’t get explained in more detail! The Doctor does ask how someone loses a planet, but Miss Foster brushes him aside commenting she doesn’t concern herself with politics.

She is accompanied by two guards with some serious firepower and not all that much intelligence as it seems. Maybe it was due to the already fairly long episode, but I wish they had more screentime.

How many spaceships has London seen by now?!
How many spaceships has London seen by now?!

There are some surprising twists and great scenes. I loved the scene in the toilet where Miss Foster discovered the journalist, even though I expected it to happen that way ever since the presentation. A character doesn’t get introduced just to be dropped seconds later. Interestingly enough she is still alive, has some limited investigative skills and lives in present day London so I’m betting she will make another appearance in a future episode or maybe become a companion herself. She certainly ticks all the right boxes!

And of course the scene in which Donna and the Doctor first become aware of each other and at the same time get noticed by Miss Foster who also fell into the trap that every Bond villain seems to fall in by revealing her entire evil masterplan. And there I go thinking people have stopped doing that by now!

The attempts in introducing Donna’s family for a future episode I assume were mainly over the top or useless. Her grandad is the same man as the newspaper seller in ‘Voyage of the Damned’ and her mother previously appeared in ‘The Runaway Bride’ at the wedding. There was something about Jackie and Mickey that Martha’s family wasn’t able to capture, especially with Tish being a little bit annoying and the mother suspicious all the time. Donna’s family so far seems a little bland in comparison.

The most surprising thing however was towards the end of the episode with Rose appearing as a bystander and Donna taking to her. Yep, the same Rose Tyler that is meant to be stuck in an alternative universe. She walks off and literally vanishes in thin air.

Did the Torchwood in the other universe figure out how to travel between the worlds? Is she a ghost, leftover from Torchwood in series 2? Was it an illusion? So many questions and no answers!

And I’m sure that sonic pen so carelessly thrown into a bin will reappear!

Oh and what was that mentioning about the bees?!

What is Rose doing?!
What is Rose doing?!

One of the more interesting things with Doctor Who is being able to spot story arcs or rather an underlying story that suggests there’s more to it than originally meets the eyes. Examples being the ‘Bad Wolf’ references in series one, Torchwood in series two and the constant mention of Mr Saxon in series three. There’s been rumours of the next story arc involving some religious elements such as the sacrifice and resurrection of Astrid. Not to mention rising to Heaven as shown in the ‘Voyage of the Damned’.

The Adipose rise to the motherships.
The Adipose rise to the motherships.

‘Partners in Crime’ features surrogate parenting and effectively the creation of life and later on rising in a beam of light to the ships above.

Russell T. Davies indicated the following about the series four storyarc:

“This time, its cumulative: an element from every episode-whether it’s a person, a phrase, a question, a planet, or a mystery-builds up to the grand finale.”

Much to look forward to, that’s for sure!


Overall it was a good episode and it’s great to have Doctor Who back on screen. The music was excellent and the story, whilst nothing special, good enough to last the episode.

Next week: “The Fires of Pompeii”. The preview looked very promising.

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20 Responses to Doctor Who – Partners in Crime

  1. toby weinel says:

    Rose was a hologram like in Doomsday when the Doctor projected himself as an image in the TARDIS.


  2. Cat says:

    I was considering that, but how did Rose do it? The Doctor used a whole sun as energy and even though the alternate Torchwood has a lot about it, I don’t think it could produce that much energy?

    And how did Rose know where to be when?


  3. Kensington says:

    I found the Rose cameo very creepy and unsettling on a second viewing after the shock had worn off. Now that was really a surprise, that not only would Rose show up so early (I’d heard that she’d be back later in the run), but that seeing her would not be a positive thing. When I first heard that she’d be back, I thought it was a bad idea, especially since it’s only been two years, and the end of Doomsday was so satisfying emotionally. I thought that bringing her back could only amount to a rehash. Now, I’m feeling a lot more confident in the idea.


  4. Cat says:

    It was a complete and very, very good surprise! Apparently that wasn’t included in any of the tapes sent to press and only maybe twenty people knew about it.

    I heard she was back for three episodes towards the end of the season and I;m very much looking forward to that, especially to see how she’ll react to the the other companions, Donna and Martha.

    But I’m still not too sure how it happened…

    Thanks for stopping by, both of you. I don’t really know many Doctor Who fans, so the more, the merrier! :)


  5. James says:

    Well, it seemed to me that she knew that Donna was going to do that, like she was annoyed as she knew she couldn’t say anything as it was mess up the series of events for the Docto and Donna.

    Also the second time I had a look as couldn’t believe it the first time, it looked like Rose was holdin something in her right hand.. lke some control or button.. I think she knew about Donna and the Doctor then, just couldn’t sayayting. What do you think?


  6. Cat says:

    So you think it’s something time travel related and trying to not disturb anything? That would make sense, especially as I don’t really believe all that much in coincidence!

    I just had another look and it didn’t look like she was holding anything in her hands. Are you thinking something along the device used in series two to teleport between the worlds?


  7. B0bbyG says:

    Oh yay, you’re blogging again! Welcome back.

    Woah, spoileriffic post! Cool episode.

    I’m quite glad they introduced Rose early in the series, because that means they’ve got an even bigger twist in store for the finale. I can’t wait.


  8. Cat says:

    Yep, I’m back. But I’ll be concentrating more on content on my own blog rather than commenting/reading too many other blogs.

    And yeah, I figured most people had seen it by now! It’s even out in the US in a couple weeks..

    According to David Tennant the S4 finale will be like nothing we’ve seen before, it’ll make use cry, etc.

    I want it to be saturday again. *sigh*


  9. steve911 says:

    Ok I read enough of this to know I should quit and wait till this episode makes it to the ‘US! Cant wait to find out what this is about Rose. Ive been lucky enough to see most of the Doctors companions Sarah Jane was by far my favoirte but Rose ranks right up there with her


  10. Cat says:

    It’s a shame you get it so much later and didn’t get the Twist like we did. I’ve not been this surprised in a long time!

    I never watched the original ones much, I literally got converted with the 2005 series. Shame about the rather weak episode with Sarah Jane, it was a waste of Anthony Steward Head and I liked what I saw of her character.


  11. Matt says:

    It might not’ve been the best episode ever, but the few great comedy scenes, the Rose surprise, and the cuddly Adipose (:P) made it very entertaining!

    I’m thinking now that we’ll see Rose cameo in a few other eps before the season finale, yaaaay!


  12. steve911 says:

    The biggest thing that I am really haveing trouble adjusting to the latest Doctors. is the fact that they are so emotional That was kind of a trademark of the older doctors not being emotional at all! My Favorite Doctor was Tom Baker and very very rarely did he show any emotion at all he just took things as they were and moved on. Now here is something you guys may or may not know is I think Tom and Elisabeth Sladen (Sarah jane) was at one time married in real life Just a tad bit of useless trivia :)



  13. Cat says:

    I think it was a very good season opening episode I thought. And did they ever say Rose was only in the finale?

    I love useless trivia! And I really need to startwatching th older ones, which Doctors would you recommend I start with?


  14. Draygo says:

    I think you’ll find that in the final episode Donna will run around the corner to drop the keys off and on returning the TARDIS will be gone. Essentially, the series of adventures will never have happened – in order to save the Doctor. The final scene of Ep 1 is the final scene of the series.


  15. Cat says:

    Do you think? What makes you think that?


  16. steve911 says:

    Cat Which Doctor should you start with is a good question. Probably John Pertwee The reason being the first two doctors probably are going to be a very rare fine for any of their shows I will post in a day or so all the doctors with dates that might help you. Now pertwee of course was the third doctor with my fav Tom Baker following him (pertwee wasn’t bad at all) When I got to see all of shows of the Doctor who series here in America they only had 3 or 4 episodes of the first two doc YIPPPPPPPPEE I will finally get to see the new ones you guys already getting to see the new season over here starts this Friday night!!!



  17. steve911 says:

    oops that should have read a very rare find not fine!! good grief sorry!


  18. Cat says:

    I always hear of Tom Baker everywhere! He must have been amazing!

    I’ve just been recommended watching these as they’re seen as starting point? What do you think?

    An Unearthly Child
    Spearhead from Space
    Key to Time


  19. museditions says:

    Well, not only did we get it in the US three weeks later than you did, but I waited a few days even after that because *life* interfered. So now, this comment is, like, a MONTH late! Oh well. I liked Donna, thought the Rose sighting was a bit creepy, and the little adipose guys very creepy. Really good analysis, cat, I enjoyed reading it. Back after I view Pompeii!


  20. Cat says:

    Thanks a lot, Museditions. :)

    Rose was really creepy, especially as I did not see that coming at all! Donna does get a lot better. You have a lot to look forward to with ‘The Fires of Pompeii’!


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