TV shows I’ve watched recently

This started from a thread on a forum and got a bit long, so I thought I’d stick it on here as well!

TV shows I have been watching in the last year:

24 – Watched S! and S2 so far. S1 annoyed me lots, like characters get introduced and are only in it for two episodes.. Loved the unexpected ending though. Will be watching S3 soon.

Alias – thought it dragged along a bit, S5 was a joke and why does she always run along corridors?!

Arrested Development – It took me a while to get into it as it’s quite a different show. It is absolutely hilarious though and I can’t wait for the film although I’m pretty sure it won’t be anywhere as good as the show.

Buffy – Been watching Buffy ever since it came out. It’s a brilliant show with excellent character development.

Carnivale – Just got that, have no idea what it’s about, but I’ve been told it’s amazing, so I’ll see!

CSI – Been watching CSI since it came out, there’s just something about the characters and the fact that after 8 seasons it still works. Plus I love story arcs.

CSI Miami – Took me a while to get into it, especially as the main guy pissed me off, but once I realised he was just there to bring a humorous element to the show I started liking it! It’s also completely over the top with some very flashy camera work, etc!

Deadwood – Only started this, well, I kinda watched episode 1 and fell asleep during it! So I’ll be watching this over the next weeks!

Death Note – This is an anime and in fact the only anime I’ve ever been able to watch, amazing story and I will need to finish it one of these days!

Doctor Who – Now I love Doctor Who. That is the new series though. Got hooked when it came back with Christopher Eccleston and this is now one of my favourite shows. Can’t wait for the new episode tonight! David Tennant is brilliant and the story arcs quite clever plus it’s just so British with references and the guest actors. BBC America is starting to show the new series from this or next weekend as well, so watch it!

Eureka – I liked this show for it’s craziness and cause it’s, well, different and quite happy, cheery. But S2 was a little disappointing and I’m not sure if S3 will be able to get better again.

Firefly – I cannot believe that Fox never gave this show a chance. This had the potential to be big. Excellent [unknown] cast, excellent universe with the western/Chinese influences, brilliant dialogue and just a new take on living in space. I’m really gutted it’s been cancelled.

Frasier – Always liked Frasier, great show mainly due to the main characters, Frasier and Niles, working so well together. And the character development is brilliant.

Futurama – Another show that I wish hadn’t been cancelled. Not all the episodes were great, but the ones that are are simply hilarious. Bit undecided on Benders Big Score so far, it dragged along a bit too much..

Gossip Girl – Started watching this as it’s got Kristen Bell in it which turns out to be just a voiceover voice! It kind of reminds me of the film ‘Cruel Intentions’ which I liked and some of the GG characters remind me of friends.

Heroes – Watched S1 and didn’t like it all that much. Will watch S2 at some point, but I don’t see what all the hype is about.

House – Never seen a single episode of it, but I’ve got S1 waiting to be watched!

It’s always sunny in Philadelphia – I don’t get it.. Got a few episodes in and it just wasn’t funny to me.

Long Way Round – Ewan McGregor and his friend Charley Boorman on their bike trip from London through Russia, Canada to New York. Absolutely brilliant stuff, I like Ewan McGregor a lot and the whole thing was sort of a mix between a travel/bike/comedy show.

Long way Down – Same thing again, but this time it’s from Scotland through Europe, Italy and Africa to South Africa. Not as good as the first one, there were too boats to catch making it all very stressed. Still good though and I can’t wait for the next one which is the ‘Long way up’ from South America up to Canada I believe.

Lost – Not seen anything past S1. The adverts pissed me off and the constant viral hyping. I liked re watching S1 back to back and I’ll be watching all of Lost in one big go once it’s all done.

MacGyver – He can make a bomb out of chewing gum, a string and a match. Enough said!

Midsomer Murders – So British, so complicated at times, idyllic villages, mass murderers, some hilarious killings, it’s just 1 1/2 hours of fun..

Moonlight – I like Jason Dohring and he’s one of the characters on there, so I had to watch it! The show is trying far too hard and I’m not sure rewriting everything people assume about vampires was such a great way to start. Jason is actually the main reason I carried on watching, his character is brilliant.

Murder, She wrote – Simply brilliant, I love Angela Lansbury and I have a real thing about murder mysteries!

One Tree Hill – Remember it used to be on TV, but I never really paid attention til I started watching it end of last year. It’s one of the few teen dramas that survived past high school as the gap between S4 and the current S5 is meant to be four years which skips all that. I didn’t think they could pull it off, but I’m surprised, it works very well and I’m loving S5. It’s like ‘Friends’, but a drama and you’ve already known the characters for years. That didn’t really make sense!

Race to Dakar – Charley Boormans solo trip to Dakar and the race. The best thing about that is the random appearances of Ewan McGregor!

Robin Hood – I kind of have a thing for BBC productions! Robin Hood is good, S2 was a bit odd, but the characters work quite well with each other.

Roswell – I liked this when it came out and recently tried watching it again, but it didn’t age well. I might carry on watching it as I always wondered what happened after S1, but I’m not sure..

Scooby Doo – Found the 25 first mysteries the other day and it’s just brilliant. Just like I remember it from being a younger!

Scrubs – The almighty Scrubs. One of the funniest shows ever to be made with some really good drama. Like S3E14 or the minor arc in S5 with the old woman. I’ve yet to watch S6 though, only seen the brilliant musical episode of that – Guy love!

Secret Diary of a call girl – Like Billie Piper, so it was obvious I’ll have to watch this! Great show, but I’m not sure how they’ll carry on in S2.

Sex and the City – Only ever really liked S2-4, but it’s still a great show all together. The film this year will be interesting..

Sleeper Cell – I don’t really know all that much about this show, but it’s received some good reviews. Watched episode 1 the other day and it was a bit too serious for me at the time, so I’ll have to be in the right mood for it.

Star Trek Deep Space Nine – Favourite Star Trek show by far, excellent characters and a great story arc from S3 onwards.

Star Trek Enterprise – Only watched S1-2 so far and it’s a bit too samey, too much that’s been done before in other Star Trek shows.

Star Trek TNG – I never managed to really get into it, but I did like some stuff. The first couple seasons are hilarious with the outfits, dramatic music, some of the later ones are great. Plus I love Wil Wheaton – Wesley Crusher.

Star Trek Voyager – Thought this was the best ST show until I watched DS9 back to back. It’s still good, but the characters don’t feel the same. Although the Borg episodes are great.

Sternenfänger – A German ‘The OC’ like show. Great music and I like some of the actors.

Strangerhood – Not technically a TV show, although you can get it on DVD! Brilliant show from the guys that made Red vs Blue using the Sims. Definitely recommend folks download this!

The Apprentice UK – More of a reality show. S1 and S2 were good, but it’s gone a bit downhill since then.

The Big Bang theory – It’s just not funny. I don’t care what anyone says, but this is seriously unfunny,

The Office UK – Reminded me far too much of my own job! Ricky Gervais and the blond guy are brilliant though!

The Office US – It’s different from the UK one, I don’t find it funny, but I watch it because I want to see where the characters are going to.

The Practice – A highly underrated show by David E. Kelley about a lawyer’s practice in Boston. While Ally McBeal is the happy version all about love, etc, the Practice is the more serious version. The first 4 seasons are very enjoyable and then it goes a bit downhill.

The Simpsons – Always been and still are brilliant. Yes, I’m one of those people that still love them.. Episodes like the Never ending story or the Wife Swap with Ricky Gervais episodes in S17 are brilliant.

The Tudors – I like the history with the Tudors, Henry VIII, Elisabeth I and so on and I feel the Tudors completely ruin it by changing the history and making it far too flashy.

Torchwood – Doctor Who spin off. I didn’t like S1 at all, but S2,especially the episodes with Martha and the finale are brilliant. The characters also work really well and they fell real.

Veronica Mars – One of my favourite shows, such a shame it was cancelled after just 3 seasons. S1 is great, S2 had a brilliant story arc and it’s great to see how far the characters have come by S3.

Weeds – Liked this show, S1 was great, S2 was brilliant and the cliffhanger at the end of S2 was brilliant. S3 was taking it all a bit too far though, she has become unlikeable and it’s all too surreal.

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22 Responses to TV shows I’ve watched recently

  1. engtech says:

    Give Dexter a try. 30 Rock is good as well. Have you seen the Wire yet? With the Wire you have start with Season 1 since every episode ties together.


  2. Cat says:

    The Wire is on my list, I’ve only heard good things about it. Dexter never really crossed my mind, I’ll keep a look out for it.


  3. Also recommending Dexter, great series (and the books are too). Have I Got News For You just started up again yesterday, so keep an eye out for that every Fridays (BBC1) :)


  4. Cat says:

    Have I got news for you is brilliant, but I’ve just realised I haven’t watched it in years! Will have to change that!


  5. A. C. Mercer says:

    The Big Bang Theory is great! You must be mad not to like it! P.S. Look at my blog: click on my name!


  6. Cat says:

    I just don’t think it’s funny at all. There were a handful of things that made me laugh, but that’s it.


  7. Ashish says:

    Ok out of all of them, I’ve only ever watched Lost. :P


  8. Cat says:

    Then you have missed out. A lot.


  9. Ashish says:

    Ok wait, I re-read the list and found out that my favourite Scooby Doo was on there [well fav until there was a scooby overload!]. Plus theres the Simpsons too which I watch irregularly. But as for missing out, perhaps I didn’t miss out on the thing I devoted my time to! [Now if only I could remember. :P ]

    Btw, can you pweeeese find me that LEGO Star Wars post of yours? I tried searching but its only lands on lists… Pretty pweese. I walk your doggy! No dog? How about kitty then? :D


  10. Ashish says:

    Thanks very much! Now I know I want to play LEGO Star Wars! Thanks! I’m indebted to you for life!…. Ok maybe not life, how about two weeks? :P


  11. Cat says:

    It’s a great game. There’s Lego Batman coming out in a few months as well.


  12. Ashish says:

    Yep saw that on that LEGO special edition. LEGO Indiana Jones looks kewl too! :) Now if they only came out with LEGO God of War!


  13. Matt says:

    Zomg! You actually watch The Office for a reason?! :-O I figured you didn’t want to watch anymore after you said “you didn’t think it was funny at all”, but yey. Now I can continue to make you watch it! And lol to “the blonde guy” from the UK version. His name is Gareth ;)

    VM and DW ftw!

    And you REALLY need to watch House!

    You also really DON’T need to watch Heroes S2. It was horrid. :-P

    But I think I see where you’re coming from with The Big Bang Theory. It’s sort of funny to me, but nothing I really care to watch on a regular basis.

    |-: ˙˙˙ʍp ɟo ʇsǝɹ ǝɥʇ ɥɔʇɐʍ oʇ ƃuıʇıɐʍ llıʇs ɯ,ı puɐ


  14. Cat says:

    Well, yeah, I don’t really think it’s all that funny, but after you didn’t stop going on abotu it and I watched three seasons of it I kind of want to know what happens to them.

    And I meant the actor, not the character! He is brilliant in Pirates of the Caribbean.


    House is high up on my list. But Carnivale wants to be watched as well!


  15. sulz says:

    goodness, so much tv!! how do you do it?

    i love macgyver and loads of others you’ve mentioned here. i’d like to watch them all, but i think better not; i get addicted very easily!


  16. Cat says:

    Well, I kind of do other things at the same time, like blog, read things on the net, etc. Not all of the time, but sometimes. At this moment I’m watchign Arrested Development.

    MacGyver is brilliant. I love him! :D


  17. DinnyHoon says:

    You’re completely right about Scrubs. 3×14 is the best episode of any sitcom ever. Don’t watch any of S6 or 7 though, it’s horrible.


  18. K8 says:

    Ok, from your reactions so far, I am thinking that you really need to hire boxsets of Sopranos, The Shield, and Boston Legal. These are all shows that I thought I would hate, but ended up loving to bits.


  19. Cat says:

    DinnyHoon: I’m about halfway through S5 at the moment which I watched literally back to back for a day a while back and then had too much of it!

    I’m glad it will get a proper ending thought, it didn’t look too promising during the writer’s strike.

    K8: The Sopranos are definitley on my ‘to watch’ list, Boston Legal and the Shield not too much, the handful of episodes I’ve seen of those didn’t grab me all too much.

    Medium is also on my list of things to watch.


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