It’s probably the best game I have ever played. There are several posts with impressions over on ‘cat on tumblr‘ and more will follow. They are completely spoileriffic, so be warned!

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8 Responses to GTA IV..

  1. Ashish says:

    It’s probably the best game I have ever played.
    I’d buy it if you didn’t say that for every game you play. :P


  2. B0bbyG says:

    I read all of those: it sounds like an addictive game! Is it a big improvement on San Andreas? The description you wrote made it sound pretty impressive.

    Mind you, I was not impressed by the “take that” against Europe, although it was humorous in an ironic sort of way.


  3. Cat says:

    It is a very addictive and amazing game. I’ve been loving every minute of it, apart from the infuriating missions!

    Ashish: So far I’ve only ever said that about one other game – Mass Effect. ;)


  4. Ashish says:



  5. Cat says:

    I said it’s excellent, imaginative and beautiful and a joy to play but by no means the best game I’ve ever played. Infact I never called a game ‘the best game I’ve ever played’ until Mass Effect as none of them warranted it or rather I had 20 ish top games.

    There’s a difference. ;)


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  7. chuiy says:

    Augh I want this game soo bad


  8. Cat says:

    The game’s been out for a year!


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