What I learned from spending a day in the pub.

In an effort to actually get lots of work done and minimise any procrastinating, I decided to spend the day at a pub drinking [mostly] non alcoholic drinks, listening to music and finally finish some pieces I had been writing on for a while. I managed to complete all that and even more and this may just be the way to go. I have however spent far too much time twittering and for once I’m actually on top of my RSS feeds!

There are some things I’ve realised during the day:

  • Secluded outside area + sunshine + comfy chairs + wi-fi + outside plugs to charge laptops [well, using the one from the heater which wasn’t in use] + parasol = Do I need to say any more?!
  • Going to the pub on your own isn’t all that great when you need to go to the toilet as it involves packing laptop, charger and everything else in the bag just to come back to someone else sitting on the table in the corner with the perfect overview of the whole area.
  • Sitting alone listening to music on headphones typing on a laptop seems to indicate that I want someone talking to me. I don’t. Especially not when it’s drunk people.
  • One worded, uninterested replies does not seem to indicate I have no interest in the above people’s life stories. Really, I don’t in any shape or form. Fuck off.
  • Other people on their own seem to think it’s acceptable to just stare. And I mean literally just stare without even breaking it when I look at them and there’s eye contact. I’m all for watching other people, just don’t stare at me!
  • Staying at the pub for more than just a few hours means the staff are actually nice enough to just bring me a new drink to the table when I’ve finished one.
  • The Club Ciabatta at the Hope Tab is amazing!
  • Reading BILDblog.de is very addictive!
  • Going to a pub you’ve been going to for years is a bad idea if you’ve been going there with friends or, worse, boyfriends. Running into an old boyfriend at 8pm on a Thursday evening while sitting alone at a table listening to music and drinking coke isn’t the best thing to do!
  • Going to a pub half this town seems to go to involves running into old colleagues. Which is not all bad I suppose. On a sidenote, I don’t really know that many people in this town, but lately I seem to be running into someone every time I’m in town.
  • Spending over seven hours in the pub can cost less than £10. You have got to love Wetherspoon pubs!
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9 Responses to What I learned from spending a day in the pub.

  1. Zyber says:

    LOL, I love talking to new people, just randomly chatting to girls or guys in a pub is my idea of a good time. But i suppose if you want to be alone…going to a social enviroment probably isn’t the best start. But i can see the appeal of doing that.


  2. Cat says:

    There are plenty of people on their own here and it’s not really a very sociable place where people talk to each other. I mean the groups normally stay within themselves. And surely my headphones should have given it away!

    If I want to talk to other people I go somewhere like Purple Turtle.


  3. nylusmilk says:

    if i’m in the mood to meet people i wouldn’t mind being alone. but if i’m not, i rather have a friend just for the company and to keep the table while i go to the loo, heh. :D but mostly i do the latter than the former (i’m really shy to begin with to actually do the former!), so i guess that explains why i’m home most of the time in front of my really old but still working computer. i interact enough with people online already, haha.


  4. Cat says:

    For me it was just a convenient place to work really. I went there again today and very much enjoyed it. Plus it’s superfast and free internet!

    I like meeting new people, but hate making the first step..


  5. Carl says:

    Hehe, that’s funny.

    I like the sounds of that first bullet point aswell. Sounds brilliant :o

    But i found the part where people were staring at you, even when you made direct eye contact, to be absolutely hilarious (for some stupidly strange reason!)

    Nice blog here Cat. keep up the good work :D


  6. Cat says:

    Hey Carl,

    you’re from PS3F, right?

    It was great sitting there all day. I went back there yesterday and would’ve done so today if it wasn’t for the weather turning a bit, well, meh..

    Well, I thought it was a bit on the creepy side, you know?!

    Thanks, mate. :D


  7. Simon D.I. says:

    Hey, Cat! Yeah…I’ve had a few creepy experiences at places like Starbucks where I go with my Laptop to get some work done. I’m sure it’s a lot harder for a woman to sit there without being stared at, but trust me, us guys get it too…just not always from women we’re interested in…or women AT ALL! :o

    Anyways, these Pubs sound awesome, and they’re part of the reason why I want to live in the UK, AT LEAST just for a few months.

    Good post!


  8. Trent says:

    Quote from Cat – Spending over seven hours in the pub can cost less than £10.

    If I spent 7 hours in a pub the taxi home would be the cheapest part of the night and I can assure you it would be more than 10 quid :)


  9. Dan Harris says:


    I just came across this Blog randomly when searching for something else. Anyway just wondered what sort of stuff do you write? You said you were working on some unfinished pieces in the Pub? Just interested I guess.

    Nice Blog, I don’t usually pay much attention to them other than MS Developer ones (Coding).



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