Signs that I’m more or less going crazy..

So yes, I’m not too sure just where this conversation went wrong, but it’s quite obvious that it did go very wrong.

Sometimes I worry myself!

Cat says (21:47): Germany is driving me completely insane

Matt says (21:47): Oooh
Matt says (21:48): I don’t think it’s just Germany
Matt says (21:48): I’m going quite insane here as well.
Matt says (21:48): Maybe something in the air?
Matt says (21:48): *licks finger and holds it up*
Matt says (21:48): It’s coming from the south.

Cat says (21:48): In your room?! LOL

Matt says (21:48): Yep! I have environmentalvision
Matt says (21:49): Erm
Matt says (21:49): Wait..

Cat says (21:49): Right…

Matt says (21:49): Vision.. finger.. huh

Cat says (21:49): Yeah, you’re def more insane than me

Matt says (21:49): I didn’t think that one out very much lol

Cat says (21:49): Look out for those men in the white coats
Cat says (21:49): Although they’ll come with a cool van
Cat says (21:49): It’s padded and all!

Matt says (21:49): Oh, you mean Bob and Jack?
Matt says (21:49): They’re cool.
Matt says (21:49): and LMAO

Cat says (21:50): No, Snake and Sam Fisher.

Matt says (21:50): Oh
Matt says (21:50): Since when do they wear white coats..?
Matt says (21:50): And what the hell are Bob and Jack here for then?!

Cat says (21:53): Cause they’ll stealthily jump down from the trees across your road, sneak up wo your room shooting out lights, Sanke will shoot you with a tranquiliser while Sam holds you and tries to interrogate you. They’ll then argue cause Sam wanted to interrogate you more and Snake ended it, Sam will throw you over his shoulder, attempt to throw you out of the window to hide your body just in time when Alias woman will turn up in a white coat, give her spare ones which she magically got from nowhere to Snake and Sam cause they’re undercover. She will then disable some random bomb left there for suspense and all proceed carrying you down the stairs to drive you away in their A-Team van. Just when MacGyver will turn up to save you who they’ll run over.
Cat says (21:53): And WTF is wrong with me?!

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