TV I watched last week

This is a collection of posts I made over on my tumblr blog regarding TV I watched last week. This may or may not turn into a regular thing, who knows?!


  • One Tree Hill S06E02 – Good episode, slightly unrealistic though on how Peyton just believed Brooke wasn’t beaten up or anything Dan related.
  • Gossip Girl S02E02 – Not too convinced with the new series yet. it’s too Blair & Serena heavy. Looking forward to them going back to school & people like Jenny having more of a storyline. And it needs new characters badly.
  • Weeds S04E01-E12 – Wow, so much better than season 3 which I thought was incredibly bad, unbelieveable anyway. Like the new series, the new intros and just everything about it feels fresh and good. Next week’s season finale is promising.
  • Angel S01E01-E09 – Meh, this is a lot worse than I remembered really. I’ve never watched it beyond S2 though, so maybe it’ll get better.

Other stuff I’ve got to watch at the moment is MacGyver S3, Midsomer Murders and the pilot for the new vampire show ‘True Blood’ which sounds quite bad, but maybe it’s bad enough to make it good?


Tuesday continued:

  • True Blood S01E01 – Wow. It’s freaky, strange, weird and utterly confusing. And it had some disgusting scenes. The only good thing about it was the intro I guess.. Not too sure I’ll watch any more of it..
  • Angel S01E10-12 – So, Doyle’s dead, finally and Wesley’s in town. The episodes are still slow, but slightly picking up.
  • MacGyver S03E01 – Double episode, it’s got MacGyver, Jack, Pete and some chinese dragon treasure that has to be protected. Yey!



  • Star Trek Voyager S01E01 – After I’ve recently watched all of Star Trek Deep Space Nine which is my favourite Star Trek series it’s now time to watch Voyager. Started with the first episode which explains all about how the crew get stranded in the Delta Quadrant and meets Neelix.
  • 90210 S01E03 – Yes, I’m watching 90210, even though I never watched the original one or Melrose Place. The new one has nothing on shows like One Tree Hill or Gossip Girl or The O.C., but it’s got me hooked enough to want to know what is happening with the characters which at the moment is nothing as they’re all really happy cheery people. No sarcasm.
  • Angel S01E13-14 – Still waiting for this to really pick up. ‘She’ was just bad and the other one very much just a rehashed Exorcist.
  • Heroes S02E01-04 – I just don’t see the appeal in Heroes. I guess it’s the same as Lost. There are a couple of redeeming features Heroes has though. David Anders and Kristen Bell [Veronica Mars!].



  • Fringe S01E01 – Meh.
  • Star Trek Voyager S01E03 – It’s the first episode after the pilot and the crew are adapting to being stranded in the delta quadrant. It’s actually a pretty good episode.
  • Heroes S02E05-11 – Finished season 2 of Heroes. It slowly started getting ok around episode 7 and then there were a couple of plot twists I didn’t see coming and a far too rushed last episode. Kristen Bell was brilliant as the psychotic Elle saving everyones life at the end. Looking forward to her in the next season where she might be a completely changed character. Apart from that Hiro is ok and Greg Gruneberger as the cop kind of growed on me.
  • Angel S01E15-19 – Meh, meh and then two Faith and Buffy episodes. Angel has far too many flashbacks into Angelus’ past, something that I’m frankly not very interested in. Faith is one of my favourite characters of the Buffyverse and she was very good in those episodes.
  • Midsomer Murders S06E01-E04 – Not the best season of Midsomer Murders, but the show is brilliant.
  • The Twelve Tasks of Asterix -Loved this when I was young and finally found it again! Great cartoon film, probably my favourite Asterix one. I especially love task 8:

Find Permit A 38 in “The Place That Sends You Mad”. A mind-numbing multi-storey building founded on bureaucracy and staffed by clinically unhelpful people who direct all their clients to other similarly unhelpful people elsewhere in the building. Asterix eventually beats them at their own game by asking for an imaginary permit that nobody knows about, sending the place into disarray and is given Permit A 38 just to make him leave and stop causing trouble.

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3 Responses to TV I watched last week

  1. izikavazo says:

    I’m glad someone else liked Weeds S4 too. I thought it was great to go to a new town, and it’s always great to watch Nancy get in over her head. I haven’t watched the season finale of season 4 yet, so I still don’t really know how it ends.
    – izi


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