Autumn 2008 – A good time for great music?

Not just another post, but also another music related post, what’s going on?!

Earlier tonight I was watching ‘Friday Night with Jonathan Ross’ [yes I am fully aware that today is Saturday, thank you] and Keane were there to perform their new single ‘Spiralling’ which is surprisingly great and different and so very 80’s! And also out since August without me realising it or any of the more music oriented people in my life telling me about it. You have let me down!

Looking at the release schedules for the remainder of this year, the next months are looking to be excellent. There are many new albums coming out, some of which I have waited for a while. In order of release:

Oasis – Dig out your Soul – October 6th: I prefer Oasis’ earlier stuff, like Morning Glory or Definitely Maybe, but I have liked all their stuff so far. This album had three years of work on it and I’m hoping it’ll be good.

Keane – October 13th: Never really was their biggest fan, but I like some of the stuff they’ve done and I love what I’ve heard of the song Spiralling so far! It’s something different to all the more or less samey music in the recent years.

Kaiser Chiefs – Off with their heads – October 20th: Love, love, love their first album! I predict a riot, Na na na na na na, Modern Way, Everyday I love you less and less; they’re all great songs. It took a while until I got used to their second one, but it is also a very good album and I like Ruby a lot. I’m a bit worried that this is only coming out a year and a half after their second album, but I’m hopeful.

Dido – November 3rd: I cannot believe a new Dido album is coming out! I was under the impression she had quit her solo career or something! Glad to see she is back, looking forward to this a lot.

Razorlight – November 3rd: YES! Finally!

The Killers – November 24th: I wasn’t too convinced by their second album, Sams Town, but maybe this will be better, who knows.

Chris Cornell – Scream – November: And a new Chris Cornell album as well, although I’m not too sure if I am looking forward to that, even though the song Scream was pretty good. But I do like the album art!

There is also a new Royksopp studio album due at some point this year, but I couldn’t find the release date anywhere and their homepage is terrible.

And to come next year: Gorillaz, Lily Allen, Linkin Park, Muse, Nelly Furtado.

And I have also booked a ticket for next Thursday, 2nd of October to see Ludovico Einaudi, as mentioned in an earlier post. Looking forward to it!

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9 Responses to Autumn 2008 – A good time for great music?

  1. Wriggy says:

    I love some of Dido’s stuff, especially White Flag.
    I totally agree about the Kaiser Chiefs but I quite like ‘Never Miss a Beat’ – the first song they’ve released off the new album.
    Killers is a maybe for me and I’m also looking forward to Lily Allen. :)


  2. Cat says:

    I preferred Dido’s original album, especially ‘My Lover’s gone’, absolutely love that song. White Flag was good, bit too generic at times.

    Killers is an absolute maybe for me in retrospect. I won’t bother looking forward to it considering how much Sams Town disappointed me, but maybe the next one will be good. I haven’t written them off just yet!

    Lily Allen is great! I also like her cover of the Kook’s song Naive and hope she’ll do similar stuff in the future.


  3. esther says:

    I’m looking forward to Chris Cornell’s new album more than anything this year. I really like what I’ve heard so far. “Scream” right now is tops for me.
    Hmmm new Killers and Oasis. I’m curious to hear that.
    New Muse and Gorillaz for next year! Oooooh. I like.
    I’m also looking forward to a new Black Light Burns album next year.


  4. Cat says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever heard of Black Light Burns before? What kind of music do they make?


  5. Ashish says:

    I’m waiting for next year when “Blackish Heaven and Sabbathish Hell” are supposed to release a new album. 13 years!!! [Technically 14 when next year dawns]


  6. Cat says:

    So what are the chances of them releasing another one?

    This post was meant for confirmed albums, otherwise I would have added a few too. :P


  7. Ashish says:

    Well 100% more than when they were doing the Ozzy reunion a few years ago. The Dio version has rocked two tours [under the name Heaven and Hell] and are currently supposed to be recording the new album. There is hope. :D


  8. Rhysivich says:

    The Killers – November 24th: I wasn’t too convinced by their second album, Sams Town, but maybe this will be better, who knows.

    Unfortunately this got pushed back to Febuary but I have to say, I am very excited for this albumn.

    ‘Hot Fuss’ is a cracking albumn with nearly every song being a hit in my eyes and I think ‘Sam’s Town’ is certainly an albumn that warms on you. Their third albumn ‘Sawdust’ is possibly my favourite as it is a collection of their Bsides and covers, and its well worth a look if you find the extra funds.

    I also saw these guys at Reading 08 – they were fantastic!


  9. Cat says:

    I’ve tried my hardest trying to like Sams town, it jsut doesn’t agree with me! Never did listen to the B sides, I rarely like B sides releases.

    You’re so lucky you went to Reading, by the time I wanted to go there weren’t any more tickets!


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