Pages updated

Just a brief note to all the searchengine crawlers and to the handful of people who might still have this blog in their RSS reader, I have updated some pages and created new ones.

The Archives are up to date. Finally!

The Games page has been updated with

  • List of ‘First Impression’ posts
  • List of previews
  • List of Game reviews
  • List of Blog Banter posts

And as mentioned in my previous post, the About page is rewritten, there’s a new Links page and a page with all the themes I’ve used so far.

Having a new theme is addictive and makes me want to blog, I guess!

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2 Responses to Pages updated

  1. Juan says:

    Hi Cat!

    Yesterday I sent you through the contact form the code that fixes the margin of the images. I guess it went to your spam folder or something.

    Let me know if you indeed didn’t receive it so that I can send it again.

    Oh, you don’t need to keep this comment up. Delete it if you wish.


  2. Cat says:

    That is really strange, the email somehow ended up in my gmail spam, yet the one for this comment didn’t.

    Thanks, I’ve added it.

    I’ve also replied to your mail. :)


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