I am Sulz!

Which WordPress.com Forum Volunteer Are You?

You are sulz!
Don’t know much, but you make up for your lack of knowledge with your friendliness and niceness around the forums.

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It all began two three days ago when, after having used Diurnal for a long time, I decided a change was needed and I consulted the lovely people in the wordpress.com support forum for alternatives. I also stayed around answering a few questions and went along reading some blogs as one does. As an aside, I do think that time spent in the wordpress.com support forums is somewhat related to the amount I’m blogging.

Aaaanyways, I digress as per usual; back on track. I was attempting to answer a question and whilst doing a Google search for the thread I knew was there I had this excerpt amongst the results:

Which WordPress.com Forum Volunteer Are You? You are raincoaster!

Obviously that sparked my interest as I was wondering why on Earth raincoaster was unsure about who she was. But then again, we are talking about raincoaster here.. I followed her links which led me to sulz’s blog, although, shouldn’t that be my blog as I’m her? Turns out her and Juan [you know, the guy who did this amazing theme] had a project that involved quizzes to determine our split personalities on the forums.

I suppose there wasn’t an option to be me, was there?!


Which WordPress.com Forum Moderator Are You?

You are Hanni!
You are the happiness engineer, appeared in the forums out of the blue, and disappeared the same way too it seems.

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This was kind of obvious with regards to my answer on question two! I am wondering about question one though, who are they?

  • A nickname that could be a name of a virus
  • A nickname nobody is quite sure what it means but you

As for Hanni, well, I’ve not been around the forums much in the last few months, so I’m unsure whether it fits or not!


Which WordPress.com Forum Troll Are You?

You are the old-fashioned troll!
You love a good old-fashioned rant – you just want to complain and hope that you’d be heard by The Powers That Be and perhaps take your suggestions. You can be reasoned with, but you don’t see WordPress.com through rose-tinted glasses as you did before.

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I actually very much agree with this, although I would be interested in the other possibilities as well!

Thanks, sulz & Juan, it was fun!


And, before I forget:

Pink for October

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14 Responses to I am Sulz!

  1. sulz says:

    i didn’t know you’re back in the blogosphere! as for your question, i was referring to a moderator named mtdewvirus, but i forgot who the other person i was referring to though. :P hanni was nice enough, hung about the forums for a bit before disappearing.

    sigh, i miss those days.


  2. Cat says:

    Well, I’m sort of back, let’s see how long it’ll last this time. I’ve been on tumblr constantly since April though, just don’t always want to write posts on here really.

    Hanni is around at the moment, she just replied to a support request I made and I’ve seen her in a thread or two.

    I was surprised I hadn’t seen much of you in the forums, it’s a shame.


  3. sulz says:

    yeah you’re on twitter still so i knew you were alive even back then. :P i’m not sure why i left, really. i think it was because of macau – i spent a month there, so when i returned i forgot my habit of hanging out in the forums?

    maybe i should go back there again…


  4. Cat says:

    Yeah, I now what you mean, things just stop being a habit.

    The forums definitely aren’t the same without you, you are being missed. And I’m not just saying that!

    And the forums seem a very different place. I can’t really explain it, it just somehow feels different.

    One thing I have noticed though is that there don’t appear to be any Club Penguin people. *touch wood* Not a single one in the last three days!! [I’ve just doomed us all and they’re going to invade in masses, right?]


  5. Cat says:

    Of course, just as I mention how I haven’t seen any penguins around, this happens.. Typical!


  6. sulz says:

    awww, that’s sweet. it’s so different, that’s why i stop hanging out there really! i don’t fancy the new look.

    haha, murphy’s law… cp are a bit like bugs, they never ever really go away. :P


  7. Cat says:

    They are like bugs, it’s true!


  8. Jennifer says:

    The change in “feel” might be due to the huge upsurge in first time bloggers and only 5-6 regular forum volunteers there to answer questions. We need all the help we can get! :) There’s an insightful thread in the off topic forum about hand-holders and spammers. Explains it better than I can.

    If you miss Penguin Drama, then stay tuned. They never fail to provide a show, especially on weekends. Unfortunately most of it is reruns, “I wuz hakt!”


  9. Cat says:

    It’s missing the community spirit I think. There used to be a set amount of people on the forums and there used to be more of a friendly atmosphere. Obviously people move on..

    One thing that really annoys me is how staff don’t seem to be hanging round the forums much and the forums sort of go downhill. I don’t mind answering the questions, we all can do that, more the slow response to spammers or anything that has a modlook tag.

    On other forums multiple identical threads by the same maybe inexperienced person get closed/merged/deleted, yet it stays open here, why? Or the massive amount of blog promotion threads in the Off Topic section. It would just be nice if staff were there to keep things clean and tidy.

    End rant!


  10. sulz says:

    that’s what they had drmike for, until they decided they no longer needed him. and later timethief. she’s now active in the blogcatalog forums.

    all that ‘purging’ (wank and fellow anarchists – said humorously) made many regulars leave too, i’m sure.


  11. Cat says:

    I can’t believe it’s been 10 months since Timethief was made inactive, seems much shorter!

    And yes, there was too much purging on the forums, but that’s all an old topic now.

    Good to see you’re at the forum, sulz, even if it’s just for a thread or two. :)


  12. Juan says:


    I’m glad you liked the quizzes. It was a fun project.



  13. Jennifer says:

    @cat-Maybe you’ve hit the nail on the head when you mention “community”. It seems more and more people are coming to the forums expecting “customer service” rather than support from fellow COM users.

    Another challenge is the enormous upsurge in the number of self-hosted WP ORG bloggers who post in the COM forum instead. rosclarke started an excellent thread on this in the Ideas forum.


  14. Cat says:

    Thanks for making them, Juan!

    Jennifer: It’s how no one stays back and helps out here and there when asking a question. The only reason I answered a few threads now was because I made a thread myself and sort of felt guilty about not giving anything back so to speak.

    I don’t actually think the wp.org problem has gotten any worse, but the amount of people that are rude or a bit off or just complicated has increased.

    I’vebeen following that wp.com vs wp.org thread, it’s a great idea and I hope it’s implemented sooner rather than later.


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