TV shows watched recently

I’ve been watching some more TV shows lately and there was some great stuff amongst it, as well as some stuff that disappointed me. I’ve mentioned some of the shows the other week in a similar post.

Angel: Being such a big Buffy fan I never really could get into Angel. I suppose it was mainly because I liked the dynamics of Buffy, the supporting cast and the dialogue. Angel just always seemed to try and be all gritty, urban and LA. However, it appears I was wrong, Angel is actually very good, the characters are great and I love Cordelia played by Charisma Carpenter. Her character has evolved so much since she started on Buffy. I’m not all convinced by some of the storylines in Angel though. Yes, I can understand and follow the arc in Pylea, but ever since Connor was born it has lacked. Everything that made the show good which is mainly how the characters work with each other isn’t really there and the entire Cordelia ascension arc wasn’t convincing.

Clone Wars: Liked it!

Desperate Housewives: Glad to see this back, but I’m not sure I actually like the show any more! They went all One Tree Hill, let’s jump in the future, but the characters appear to have become unlikeable. Especially Susan which was such a great character. The mystery this season looks like it’ll be good though, Edie and her new husband seem very intriguing.

Eureka: Eureka is a bit of a weird show, sometimes I feel like it doesn’t quite know what it wants to do. The Sheriff annoys me more than he doesn’t, I don’t see why people like Allison Blake and it’s too much of a weekly mystery show with no substantial arc. Well, that changed this season and they tried to implement a story arc which sort of worked, even though it felt extremely rushed at the end. And then there’s the midseason break with a big cliffhanger. It’s almost like it’s an J. J. Abrams show!

Fringe: Meh. I don’t like it. I don’t like any of the characters, the show is incredibly boring and the only reason I’m still watching it is.. Well, I suppose I’m hoping for it to get better. The entire show doesn’t make sense, it’s a lot like Eureka apart from the light heartedness. The only thing I really like about the show is the superimposed lettering every time a new location is shown. It’s a shame, I quite like Joshua Jackson.

Gossip Girl: The Bitch is back.. After all the ‘It’s not what you think’ and ‘I’m sorry’ and the puppy dog eyes Serena and Dan are finally broken up. Serena is actually an interesting character now, but also quite unlikeable. Everyone apart from Jenny is incredibly boring and Dan gets more annoying with every episode. Can’t they write him out or something?

Heroes: And another meh. Season 2 was ok ish at the end cause stuff actually happened and I liked some of the characters in it, but this season seems to have gone back to just being slow and boring. “Sylar, I’m your mother”, Claire who is special [didn’t we all know that from her you know, healing abilities and the ‘Save the cheerleader, Save the world’ crap anyway?], copper who is on a quest, Hiro and his mate doing the same as always and oh look, we’ve run out of storylines and have brought in a twin. Original.. It was nice seeing Veronica Mars’ Francis Capra though, shame him and Kristen Bell didn’t have any scenes together.

Jam and Jerusalem: What a brilliant show! It takes a while getting used to it and it is quite slow, but so, so brilliant. I have to admit, I don’t like the main character at all, but her daughter is very good. As are the other women of the guild, the rich Caroline with her constant remarks of her son’s friends, for example the Kaiser Chiefs or how an Arctic Monkey broke her dishwasher. The schizophrenic Dawn French or Joanna Lumley.. Everyone is great and I can’t wait for the next season!

Lost in Austen: Great program, I love how it shows a completely new light to Jane Austen and Jemima Rooper is a great actress. I’m not too convinced by the ending of this, I don’t think it suited the series well, but at the end of the day anything but a happy end would have come out wrong. And it had Alex Kingston which I already liked a lot in ER back when it was still good. And no one felt sorry for her boyfriend back in London?

No Heroics: BBC3’s new attempt at a comedy show and three episodes in I’m still not sure if I like it or if it’s funny. It’s an interesting concept having a bar for heroes in London where they’re not allowed to use their powers and things like the fan meeting was funny. But the characters don’t really seem to work, there is no explanation why the same four people always hang out together and the chemistry between them doesn’t work. However, there are some great powers!

One Tree Hill: I dislike this season’s One Tree Hill. The characters are all over the place and there doesn’t seem to be any friendship between any of them. There’s the whole Brooke storyline which none of her friends cared about much. I can’t believe they all believed she fell down the stairs and ended up with two perfect black eyes?! The Nanny Carrie and Dan storyline, please give me a break and I hope to God she’s dead, although I half expect her to come back as a ghost a la Keith. Talking about death, could they make Quentin’s death any more predictable? And what’s the deal with Mouth leaving and no one caring? Or the amazing relationship Lucas and Peyton now have that we never get to see? Or Peyton’s dad? I do hope the show turns itself around again. Soon!

Privileged: I’m actually really starting to like this show! The main character is really growing on me as she doesn’t seem to be the Miss goody two shoes she originally came across as. Going to be interesting what this show develops into.

Rosemary and Thyme: So predictable, so lighthearted, but still nice to watch. Although they’re a bit over the top and dare I say annoying in the last season.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl: It’s like the episodes get shorter and shorter. Every episode is 22 minutes long, but seems so much shorter. This show desperately needs some additional characters. Bambi is annoying, very annoying even, but she was/is at least something new in the show.

Star Trek Voyager: I’ve continued watching Voyager and am now on S4E22. Before I started watching it all I was under the impression I had watched most of it in the last years and that there were only a handful of episodes I had missed. How wrong was I?! So far there were about 40 episodes that I hadn’t seen before and I wasn’t aware that there was some sort of story arc prior to the Borg. The entire Kazon and Seska storyline was excellent, as well as the first hints at the Borg.

The Office: Another show that started again and it was actually a quite funny episode. I think I’ve been liking the Office more since Steve Carell isn’t the main focus of episodes as I don’t like him in anything I’ve seen him in. Great to see Ryan’s back, he’s been one of my favourite characters since the start. Oh and the engagement, predictable much?

The Sarah Jane Adventures: Oh, look, they’re writing out the main character and her family. Yeah, that will go down well..

The Simpsons: Loved the intro with Bobba Fett and the carbonite, but that was about it. It was a lot of ‘been there, done that’, sadly. This is the 20th season though, so I am wondering if there is any originality left that most importantly doesn’t mess up the continuity somehow.

True Blood: Still not fully convinced if I like this or not, but it’s very addictive at the same time. The accents are so very incredibly annoying though and the main character I look forward to now is Tara as everyone else doesn’t appear to have more to them.

Weeds: Loved the season finale and definitely didn’t see that coming which is something I’ve said about the last few finale’s as well, I believe! Bring on the next season where everything should be very different all over again!

And then there’s Strictly Come Dancing which I’ve really enjoyed so far! It’s the first time I’ve watched it and it sort of makes me regret not having watched it the last years.

And I’ve watched a great documentary on Jacqueline du Pré who played on of my favourite classical pieces, Elgar’s Cello Concerto in E Minor.

Also can’t wait for CSI to start again soon!

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3 Responses to TV shows watched recently

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  2. Matt says:

    Oooh, you actually like TO, yay! :D


  3. Cat says:

    Indeed I do, although the latest episode was very meh.


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