It appears I forgot about some..

It appears I forgot about some shows in my last post.

90210: Annie is still annoyingly cheerful and happy and I’m trying to figure out if people have not learned anything from the shows of the last years, such as The O.C. or One Tree Hill. 90210 feels very wooden and fake, everything seems to perfect. Where are the real dramas? Where are the strong characters that stand out?

At Home with the Braithwaites: I remember watching this show first eight years ago when the first season was on TV. It’s all about the family Braithwaite and how Allison wins 38 million pounds in the lottery. Season 1 involves her starting her own charity and trying to conceal it from her family; Season 2 shows the entire family struggling with the new found wealth and Allison falling in love with her husbands brother; Season 3 has the lottery company claiming the money back after it was revealed that the ticket was illegally bought by the underage daughter and Season 4, well, let’s not mention Season 4.. Of course this series would be nothing without it’s characters. Most of them are unlikeable, but there’s chemistry between them all and even more so, they’re believable.

Desperate Housewives: The show’s got a very different atmosphere and at the moment I am not too sure I will continue watching it. I dislike all the characters and there seems to be far too much going on with new characters and explanations of the past to concentrate on what made this series great – the friendships between the main characters.

Dexter: Many people have recommended Dexter to me and how it’s the next best thing to sliced bread and after reading it’s got Angel’s Darla in a major role I knew I had to watch it. I didn’t like the first episode. I really disliked the second episode and tried my best to watch beyond episode four, but I don’t like it. I don’t like the characters, the story, the camera work, nothing. Now many people would just move on and say the show is rubbish, who cares, but it is very unusual for me to not like something recommended to me by so many people with similar tastes. If you happen to come across this and like Dexter, please tell me why you like it.

Respectable: It’s another UK show of which only one season was made. It’s all about a brothel with some strange working girls. All the characters are great in their own way from Hayley to Maureen, Yelena and Michael and it’s a shame this didn’t carry on.

Sanctuary: It seems very much like Torchwood and whilst I like Torchwood I am not too sure this works. Robin Dunne is annoying and doesn’t have half as much charisma as he needs and I liked Amanda Tapping much more in the few bits of Stargate I watched over the years. But, it appears that this is a show with a few previous Stargate characters which makes it good for the fans. I suppose it’s the same reason I liked some episodes of Heroes as it had Kristen Bell and David Anders. However, there is something intriguing about the show, the characters or rather the creatures seem interesting and I want to know how everything happened and what it all means.

True Blood: I’m not too convinced I like the latest episode of True Blood. Just like many before it’s dragged along far too much, however the last scene more than made up for it. Wow, I did not see this coming. And it makes me wonder who the serial killer is, especially after Bill said a vampire would never leave the blood behind. And what does the bar owner have to hide?

All in all it kind of feels like TV has become so serious lately, all the new Sci-Fi shows are so grown up and gritty. What happened to shows like Buffy? So many shows are related to terrorism or messed up characters or they just look extremely dull all in grey and brown tones preferably with a lot of rain. I wish there was more humour or snark on TV these days.

Only three more months until Dollhouse!

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4 Responses to It appears I forgot about some..

  1. gindzia says:

    Ja, ich spreche Deutsch aber nicht so gut als ich möchte…


  2. Cat says:

    Alles nur Uebungssache, aber meins ist auch nicht mehr so gut!


  3. devblog says:

    Cool reviews, Cat.

    Regarding Sanctuary, did you see the webisode or the show on TV?

    If you watched the webisode only, give the TV version a try; who knows, you might like it better since they fleshed out the characters a bit more.

    On a different note, I like Eureka. I find it interesting that the sheriff annoys you :D He’s, IMO, a cool guy.

    I thought it was really cool when Michael Shanks and Dean Marshall appeared in two of their episodes.



  4. Cat says:


    I watched the TV show, the two hour trailer that was on TV sometime last week. The episode did improve in the last part, but I don’t think Robin has enough of a strong character. But we will see, I’ll carry on watching it for now anyway.

    Well, one of the reasons I find him annoying is his character never changes. He’s been the exact same since season 1.

    And I remember the Michael Shanks episode, it wasnice seeing him in there.


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