Fable 2

I was happy that the internet wasn’t as aggressive when Fable came out, there weren’t the constant videos or images or weekly updates or if they were there they most definitely passed me by. It was good in a way as that means less hype was build up. I’ve tried my hardest to ignore most Fable 2 stuff; I’ve not watched any videos of it [bar the trailer from a week ago which contained no ingame footage], ignored most screenshots, only read maybe 10% of the interviews, previews, etc.

I loved Fable, it was a great, albeit short game, but I enjoyed every minute of it. There are several good memories I have to it, for example finally figuring out how to open the demon door next to the old Lady’s cottage and just watching the character progression and watching the characters entire life. Made a nice change to all the ‘memory loss’ stories from other games. The thing I liked about it most , however, was it’s quaintness. The little villages, the music, the fact it wasn’t huge like Morrowind.

All that being said, if anything, the trailer made me realise that I’m not all that disappointed that I won’t get to play it for a while. Sure, the trailer had the whole tempting ‘good vs evil’, ‘this is how different you can look’, ‘ooh, a dog’ stuff going on, but it just doesn’t have the same feel. In fact, there are two scenes in the trailer that I didn’t like, the mineshaft and the monster/shotgun thing. Two very minor things, but they somehow bug me.

I suppose I dislike evolution and change which is the real reason and the too high expectations, but maybe it’s moved on to far from what I enjoyed?

Of course, this post is pretty much entirely pointless as I know I’ll buy and play this game at some point even if it’s only to wear the chicken suit I got last week:

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13 Responses to Fable 2

  1. Jennifer says:

    I think I can count on two fingers the number of computer games that I’ve played-Myst and “Their Finest Hour”. I guess I’m just not a gamer. :->


  2. Cat says:

    About time to start gaming for you then? It’s never too late, you know?

    And there are many, many games I could recommend if you’re interested!

    [Let’s see if this comment via the email reply feature works..]


  3. Jennifer says:

    Like a charm! :)


  4. Jennifer says:

    Oh doh, forgot the games. Sure! Quests and challenges definitely, less the rockemsockem and shootemup. :D (Although I guess “Their Finest Hour” could qualify for shootemup, there was so much history of WWII being taught at the same time, it didn’t make any difference.)


  5. dmosbon says:

    Your missing out…Fable 2 was worth me getting a 360 alone!


  6. Irish fella says:

    I used to play games all the time, mostly on the pc although i did have a playstation (1). I used to love games like flight sims and things and although I did splash out on an xbox a few years back I never really used it.

    Now seeing some of the games on sale now on the TV i’m seriously considering buying another console and giving a few games a go over christmas.

    Some of those games look real!


  7. Cat says:

    Look at me, Jennifer, completely forgetting this blog exists, again!

    I didn’t like the comment via email feature actually. Had to edit it to remove my real name that appeared from the email header.


    dmosbon: I need a 360 or any console again! I feel so naked! Literally actually!


    Thanks for stopping by on probably the most infrequently posted on blog there is. ;)

    Get a console. It’s worth it. PS3 or 360 both have excellent games released and coming up!


  8. Sha says:

    Fable 2 looks pretty good though I have to admit the multiplayer option annoys me. Just me though


  9. Cat says:

    You don’t have to play multiplayer. You can always just turn it off, it’s just something added.


  10. charlotte says:

    great blog it’s good to see someone using a blog for what it is actually meant for look forward to seeing further comments.


  11. Cat says:

    Thanks, Charlotte.


  12. charlotte says:

    wicked game, great screenshots..


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