Happy Nikolaus 2008!


This is pretty much the perfect time to get a blog post in as I can’t just ignore my tradition of the last years by not posting something today. Last year’s post and the post from 2006 are still on the internet, the others long since deleted with my previous attempts to blog.

I’m finding it increasingly difficult to actually post something on this blog, things seem so overly difficult compared to tumblr or even Twitter where I am mainly to be found these days, but over the next weeks I’m going to make an effort to revive this blog a little bit as I do like to go back from time to time and read what I’ve posted, something that’s a little more difficult with the layout of tumblr blogs.


I am currently in Germany after spending several weeks in Spain. The long and boring story of how I came to leave the UK and how I am currently not sure I’ll be going back there will follow at some other point.


Regarding NaNoWriMo I can definitely say that I failed that, even though I made a valiant effort at attempting it!



And then there are the Christmas cards which again, I’ve mentioned on Twitter. You really ought to be following me there! I’m sending Christmas cards for the first time in years and I’ve decided to also send some to people I know from online and around the world as I’ve gotten to know some of you really well over the last years and I just want to do it basically! So far I’m sending one to Ruhii and perhaps to Geekwrestler if he so wishes one and several other people on Twitter.

Do you want one, too? Leave a comment on this post or contact me. Everyone is welcome, but the priority is to those people I’ve known longer and appreciate more.

So, you would like a christmas card from me and are unsure what that means? Well, I’m only sending real paper cards via snail mail which obviously means that I will be needing your real postal address which I can guarantee you I will never pass on to anyone else nor will I stalk you. You should all know the full extent of my laziness, just look at this blog!

I do not want anything in return, although a thank you and a confirmation you have received it would be nice! Oh and a word of warning, they’re selfmade and I am very much out of practice! Again, I’d love to send more, just leave a comment or contact me. :)


And there it is, that itching feeling on the familiarity of posting here! Let’s see how long it will last this time. ;)

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10 Responses to Happy Nikolaus 2008!

  1. I guess the miniaturisation of technology has spilled over into blogging, with bloggers all migrating to micro- over on Twitter.

    I’ve got an account, but never tweet… I just can’t get into it. Tried twice, never seem to be able to keep going. It’s not as if blog posts are like book publications, but tweets by comparison are just so ephemeral.


  2. Cat says:

    I suppose it depends on one’s expectations of the internet or the services. Twitter is great for conversation and updates without making a long post out of it, just like tumblr is.

    I think I’m losing interest in blogging and all that is part of that, like the blogging communities. I still read many blog’s RSS feed, like yours for example or sulz’s or Jennifer’s or CJ’s just to mention some from the forum, but I barely feel the need to comment these days.

    Tumblr makes posting videos/photos/links/quotes so simple by design that I do feel wp is taking a huge step backwards with every design change.

    But that wasn’t really the point of your comment! I guess we all just look for different things and perhaps blogging is turning out to be a thing of the past.

    EDIT: Regarding the Twitter experience there was a conversation on Twitter between several people about it yesterday. The gist of it is you’re not going to understand or appreciate it until you try and and by that really try it for a few days with the right mix of followers that have the same ideas, are creative, you know in real life, you know via the net and so on. Ultimately though it takes getting used to and everyone’s reason to be on Twitter and experience is different.


  3. ish says:

    I kinda wanted a card too but the think is that my parents and grandparents would check every letter or document before it reaches me and if your card comes, they’ll ask me 10,000 questions and I’m in no mood to answer then. Not really in the position to let them know that I’m living two lives. Maybe one day they’ll know.


  4. Cat says:

    Well, I’d say I’d send it concealed, but it’ll still have a German stamp and postmark!


  5. Ruhi says:

    There! I get to see my card even before it is posted :) How wonderful is that? I think I’m actually commenting on your blog after ages. I find you more often on Twitter/Tumblr. This is a lovely theme though.

    Still don’t understand why Ash doesn’t want to get a card from you. :| Weird chap. Thanks for doing this for me. I really appreciate it.


  6. Cat says:

    Well, I did get an email from him since with:

    I want that card.I want that card.I want that card.I want that card.I
    want that card.I want that card.I want that card.I want that card.I
    want that card.I want that card.

    And his address. ;)

    And thanks, I do like this theme a lot even though it’s dark!


  7. ellaella says:

    I don’t “get” Twitter, although it was fascinating to read tweets from Mumbai while everything was happening.

    Real cards, cat? Wow. That’s rare these days. Good for you!


  8. Cat says:

    One of the people that I recently got to join Twitter [I’m promoting it all over the place!] said he just joined becaus he didn’t ‘get it’ when I was explaining it, but since he joined he’s liked it. Others that joined haven’t, so I guess it depends a lot on the person, their expectations and such.

    And yes, real cards for the first time in years. I sent them today and I remembered at the post office why I don’t send mail any more as the prices were insane!


  9. teachthemasses says:

    My patron saint…………sending you a falling turkey for Xmas…..


  10. Cat says:

    Yeah.. Thanks, I guess?


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