Coincidentally.. [and something about laziness]

None of the people that were the cause of the last two blog posts have reacted to it, but I’ve managed to have a whole lot of other people apologise to me for some reason.

It’s also not, as Ian‘s suggested, related to Twitter at all and can outright say it’s no one that follows me on there [at least not at the time of writing the post!] and it’s not the handful of people I talk to at length every day or at least every other day.

And this is somehow related to the purpose of this blog and to an extent the reason I’m still keeping it which can only be summed up as laziness. I created it back in 2006 for the sole purpose of having a place to update people with the pointless details of my life instead of having to always answer the same questions to people over and over again.

Somewhere along the lines it somehow went wrong and, when I got readers that commented on certain posts/topics I changed to writing about what others wanted and not what I wanted myself.

In addition I’d been using Twitter more and, as of the beginning of 2008, tumblr which more and more served as a way for the random pictures and other short posts to the extent where I only thought of blogging here with long, more meaningful posts and that turned out rather disappointingly as I lost interest in blogging here at all.

I’ve decided to use this blog a bit more, but introduce changes to it. There might be some funky RSS updating going on as I’ll go through my tumblr content and cross post some from the last months over here, too.

And I’m debating to close comments, but I’m not too sure in which shape or form I’ll offer contact.

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