Sometimes Twitter worries me!

Sometimes Twitter conversations take worrying turns. Actually, it’s probably more than sometimes.


  1. embeeembee Happiness is fresh strawberries dipped in Nutella
  2. wolfgangwolfgang @embee argh how can you spoil the nutella with strawberries!?
  3. embeeembee @wolfgang what?! Are you objecting to them being consumed together or strawberries generally?
  4. wolfgangwolfgang @embee both :S And with nutella .. well I guess I would have to try it
  5. embeeembee @wolfgang @akaSylvia it seems the nutella strawberries combo is not as wide spread as I thought..
  6. Cat carocat @embee You make a convincing arguement. *puts strawberries on shopping list*
  7. wolfgangwolfgang @carocat no no you don’t mix nutella with anything :S
  8. embeeembee @carocat what’s the stance on mixing them w/ nutella ?
  9. Cat carocat @wolfgang Try banana slices with nutella on warm toast. You will thank me!
  10. Eli Brodyelibrody @wolfgang he’s a nutella purist!!! Let’s sign a petition
  11. wolfgangwolfgang no more nutella talk, I have to sleep tonight
  12. Cat carocat @embee That’s the reason I need to buy some, it’s heavenly! Not as good as mixing it with bananas though.
  13. Cat carocat @elibrody A petition for or against what?
  14. Eli Brodyelibrody @carocat a petition! It’s what we do to get things done here on those internets
  15. Cat carocat @elibrody Yeah, but what do you want to get done?!
  16. Eli Brodyelibrody @carocat campaign slogan: “He’s a real nut!”
  17. Eli Brodyelibrody @carocat I mean any petition, maybe @wolfgang for Nutella Party Leader
  18. Cat carocat @elibrody The nutella purists party maybe? ‘Nothing’s going to touch my nuts’?
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10 Responses to Sometimes Twitter worries me!

  1. ellaella says:

    Not to worry…Nutella is divine. (Especially with raspberries or bananas, if you’re going to fruitify it.)


  2. Cat says:

    I’ve never even thought of trying it with raspberries! That sounds like something I’ll have to do!


    Coincidentally, do you have any recipes involving nutella?


  3. Sylvia says:

    HAHA, I missed the end of this. I love your party line (and I’m sure @wolfgang would agree).

    Nutella with bananas is wonderful but I still think it’s a shame to put it on strawberries!


  4. Cat says:

    Well, it’s good that people have different tastes. ;)


  5. ellaella says:

    Do I have recipes? Is George Bush a criminal? :D

    I make good mini calzones with a Nutella filling. LMK if you’d like me to email it to you. I’ve also used it as filling in sandwich cookies and rugelach. I have a hazelnut Linzer cookie recipe on my site and rugelach. The Linzers are fussy, the rugelach are easy.

    I drizzle it on shortbread cookies. I drizzle it on ice cream or the coffee gelato that’s on my site. Nutella and thinly sliced bananas would be a great filling for crepes/rolled thin pancakes for Pancake Day.

    And this recipe has been on my Try Soon list since May and I haven’t gotten to it yet. It looks amazing.

    Some Nutella lovers here say the country where it’s made makes a difference and that Poland is best. Poland’s hard to find here so that might be part of the attraction. I really haven’t tasted any difference. I’d be interested to know where your Nutella is made. Bon appetit!


  6. Cat says:

    Haha, too true!

    I have done the crepe/pancake thing with banana/nutella which is quite heavenly!

    I’ve tried UK and German made nutella and never noticed a difference. I’ll have a look at the one I’ve got later, but I’m pretty sure that’s made in Germany, too.

    That cinnamon cake sounds delicious!


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