Thanks, Twitter!

I had a problem with my iPod earlier and, after being unable to find anything helpful on the Apple site, I decided to turn to Twitter for help:

carocat: My iPod classic [80GB] crashed and is now unresponsive, but screen is still lit and grey. Can’t turn it off or anything else. Help?

Within a minute I’ve had several replies:

unclespeedo: @carocat hold the middle button and menu do anything for you?
TimmyTenga: @carocat You tried holding down the ‘Play’ and ‘Centre button’ at the same time? That’s all I can think of :S
mario: @carocat have you tried holding down the menu and center button at the same time, for ca. 20 seconds, until the Apple logo appears?
Jay900: @carocat hmmmm had a problem like that with my iphone but it fixed it’s self when i plugged it into the computer.
fincheyboy: @carocat let it die out of battery and then stick it on charge til full, thats what i used to do when mine croaked it.
lowestformofwit: @carocat You hold down a combination of buttons to reboot the iPod. Hold the menu button and the centre button. Try that.

carocat: Wow, ton of answers, thanks! I’ve tried holding middle & menu and middle & play/pause, no luck. PC sees/accesses iPod, but screen still grey

unclespeedo: @carocat try a restore in itunes?
dancinns: @carocat
TheFirstStrike: @carocat Pull out the battery… Apple products let you do that right?

carocat: @TheFirstStrike If I could it’d be the first thing I’ve done. ;)

TheFirstStrike: @carocat Well that sucks. *adds another thing to the “why I hate apple products” list*
SirFenwick: @carocat Throw it at the wall.

carocat: @SirFenwick I don’t really want to break it!

TimmyTenga: @carocat Maybe email Apple and see what they say? I’m really all out of ideas :(
FallingBullets: @carocat a big enough hammer, google?. serves you right for trusting apple products :p (rant)

carocat: @FallingBullets Mate, you don’t like anything, so… :P

SirFenwick: @carocat Take the battery out.

carocat: @SirFenwick How?!

nomadikkitty: @carocat My friend’s ipod froze up once, when nothing would work. She ended up having to run the battery down and charge it.
nomadikkitty: @carocat It took forever, but worked fine after that.
SirFenwick: @carocat Blame Apple for making electronics without removable batteries. So AWESOME!

carocat: @SirFenwick Yeah, I know. Silly idea.

carocat: Middle button and menu button finally worked [only had to hold it for about 2 mins..] Thanks to you all for your help, I <3 Twitter!

lowestformofwit: @carocat Letting the battery run out is the next logical step that I can tell from Internet advice.

carocat: @lowestformofwit Well it worked now, thing is it would take a day for it to run out otherwise. :(

lowestformofwit: @carocat good to hear!
TimmyTenga: @carocat YAY! :D
nomadikkitty: @carocat Glad that worked. My friend’s hadn’t been charged for awhile and it still took hours and hours.

carocat: @nomadikkitty Yeah, one thing I can’t complain about with my iPod is the amazing battery life!


There are some great people on Twitter and it’s great to see just how quick it’s possible to get helpful answers. In the past I’ve asked questions about cooking or used the search to find out things people have said about bars, restaurants, books and films.

Follow these great people:


Thanks, guys!

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9 Responses to Thanks, Twitter!

  1. Good thing you have lots of iPod-savvy Twitter buddies… for all other things i-Pod and i-Tunesy, go to – great forum.


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  3. Cat says:

    Yeah, thankfully most of them are Apple fanboys!

    Thanks for that site, looks pretty good.


  4. Ashish says:

    I’m starting to like Sir Fenwick and FallingBullets! :P


  5. K8 says:

    I’ve a dicky laptop… the lights are on, but the darn thing won’t power up even though it’s been plugged into the mains for hours! I’ve been sitting on the ‘ON’ button for an eternity now and nothing’s happening.
    I REALLY want to get into it because my server is on there and I want to tweak my site and I’m at my wits end!!!

    That paragraph’s too long for Twitter :(


  6. Cat says:

    Oh no. Sounds like you’ve been having fun.. :

    I do like your new theme though!


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