Building the Millennium Falcon and showing the true hero of Star Wars!

There have been many Star Wars tribute videos out there and this is undoubly one of the better ones. I’m amazed at the effort that’s gone into this!

via FallingBullets.

Things that came to mind when I watched it:

  • It’s completely inaccurate in the Star Wars universe!
  • Greedo shot first!
  • Why is Jean Luc Picard in uniform there?!
  • Never thought Darth Vader would ski!
  • Love the times it’s zooming in and telling a story!
  • The stormtroopers coming out of the brick was not only funny but also an ingenious idea!
  • Poor cleaning guy had to clean so much up!

As for the true hero of Star Wars, well, you’re going to have to watch the video until the end to see him!

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