Sites that I visit on a daily basis

Lately I have been looking at changing my online experience and more so consolidating more things into fewer sites which really just makes it sound like I’m talking about a loan on daytime TV! In order to look at where I spend my time online I’ve monitored my online activity over a week with Google’s web history, Webstats Firefox addon, and via the tabs in Firefox.

One of my first goals was to determine which sites I visit on a daily basis, although this is obviously assuming I have an internet connection! These are the sites, excluding any forums. Any sites indicated with a * are also static/protected tabs that are always open.

What I am currently looking into is to clear up my RSS feeds and more importantly replace the ones that only offer a partial RSS with similar sites that have all their content in their feeds to eliminate having to visit most sites..

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3 Responses to Sites that I visit on a daily basis

  1. I like Google, what you think?


  2. Cat says:

    Seeing that I mention three Google products in my post I’d have thought that’s obvious..


  3. Ok right, that’s obvious. I just have vision problem lately. Can I know how can I contact you? Maybe sometimes you can come and visit my blog too, I’m very pleased! :D


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