#TwitLight: Who are you, @MelissaBianco?

TwitLight is a Twitter Spotlight posted every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Also have a look at all the previous TwitLights and you are more than welcome to take part, too!

The second TwitLight is all about @MelissaBianco who only started twittering this year or to be precise January 23rd and I’m both equally in awe and disgust at one of her tweets:

Melissa Bianco True Story: My sister once convinced me to eat slugs. She said they were caaaandy. And yes, I ate them.

Saying that I do have Molluscophobia..

She works as a game designer and has written her own book which I’m sure not many of us can say, is a Christian and reads a lot.

Her tweets are funny and about a variety of subjects, including some of her work, the titles she’s worked on and Gilmore Girls which reminds me that I really should watch it one day!

Please give it up for @MelissaBianco and do check out her website which I really like!

1. Where are you from?
I’m originally from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. I’m currently living in California.

2. How old are you?
Man… Okay, fine. I’m 39 (for a few more months).

3. What do you do for a living?
I’m a Senior Game Designer (World Designer) for the online MMO City of Heroes / City of Villains. I’m the developer known as “War Witch” to players. I’ve been working on the project since before the game launched, about February 2002 is when I started at Cryptic Studios. NCsoft (the publisher) bought the IP last year and so now I work for them.

4. What does your alias/nickname mean and how did you come up with it?
Well, originally my alias was @Miskela which is a name I’ve used on and off for years. Actually, it’s the name of the kennel that I bought my Sheltie from back in B.C. many years ago. BUT…it also sounds like my own name (Melissa) in Russian or Hawaiian or something. I decided to change it to @MelissaBianco because it was simply easier to remember and I wasn’t sure people could find me as well. I didn’t know how the whole Twitter thing worked and wanted to keep things simple, especially since I was going to TwitterFeed to my blog (http://www.melissabianco.wordpress.com).

5. What do you want to be when you grow up and has that changed at all since you were little?
I want to be an author that actually makes money on her books.  I actually wanted to work in the film industry when I was younger, I’ve managed to do that through Christian projects on the side, mostly volunteer, so I do get to live that dream.  Oh wait, I thought of one thing I wanted to be when I was little.  I wanted to be Jeannie from I Dream of Jeannie.  That hasn’t changed and, no, it hasn’t happened yet, but I’ll let you know.

6. What song are you thinking about right now?
That dang Sesame Street song. I racked my brain to come up with a really awesome song so that you’d think I’m a really deep and musically well-listened person and two songs came into my head nearly simultaneously: the Sesame Street “do doo do do do” song and the Three’s Company theme.

7. Do you have a Last.fm profile?
A what now? Am I missing something cool and interesting? Send me a link. [Last.fm, it tracks the music you listen to!]

8. What are you reading at the moment? [Book, magazine, website, Wikipedia article..]
Well, I’m at work so a Confluence document on AI Behaviours, but at home I’m reading the classic, Frankenstein, and I’m listening to Soul of the Fire by Terry Goodkind on Audible for my commute into work.

9. Which video game are you playing these days and is it as good as you thought it would be? [provided you play video games that is!]
I just finished Fallout 3 “The Pitt”. Although I’m not a big fan of the crazy amount of swearing in the game, I do love the grittiness and post-nuclear war feeling of it and it’s just dang fun. I finished Fallout 3 a few months ago and then the “Anchorage Alaska” update came out and it was merely “meh”. So I was really looking forward to “The Pitt” in the hopes that it would be more like the original came, which it was.

Was it all that I thought it would be? Yes and no. It was great fun and it was cool, but it ended wayyyyyyy too quickly. I guess I’m just going to have to wait for Fallout 4.

10. What is the weather like at the moment?
Warm and sunny, pretty much like most days in Northern California.   Except for those two weeks a year where these little droplets of water from heaven come down and we all go, “Ahhhhh…”

11. What are your plans for the rest of the day?
Well, I’m at work so I have a game update to work on for the next several hours. Around noon I’m going to head out to 24-hour Fitness with a co-worker to go do our first Kickboxing class. This should be one-part wretched and three-parts humiliating, but I’m going to give it the college try. After that, if I’m not on the floor gasping for desperate breath, I’ll get changed and come back to work to whip up a very quick sandwich and soup.

When I get home tonight, I’ll water my newly-planted herb garden and have a few words with my Tarragon and Parsley and the Sugar Snap Peas – you know, egg them on a little, give them some encouragement. Then I’ll rummage around for some food, watch some television, and check my email and Twitter (maybe Facebook if I feel like it). Finally, toward the later part of the evening, I’ll do some more writing on the novel I’m working on. And check Twitter.

12. If you could replace anyone in any TV show, who would you pick?
Anna Paquin as Sookie Stackhouse in Tru Blood. I’ve read all of Charlaine Harris’ books and I envisioned Sookie as more of a younger Kristen Bell or an unknown actress with compelling beauty (for story reasons), but also with the range to take on “bright and cheerful” and “serious emotion”. Don’t get me wrong, Anna is a powerhouse actress – I know about the Oscar, but I have a hard time buying her as a) cheerful and b) southern. I also don’t see her as a blonde and her eyebrows and hair in the pilot episode were so “just dyed” that they were downright distracting.

13. If you had the chance to work on the Enterprise [Star Trek ship!], what job would you have?
With my lack of scientific intelligence, probably an admin for sick bay.

14. Seeing that I’m a grumpy person in the morning I’ve realised I can’t live with people that are overly happy as soon as they wake up. Would you be a good flatmate?
I’d be your BEST FRIEND, honey. I don’t warm up until I’ve been up and moving for a little while. I’m a late-nighter, not an early-riser. I can do it, but not for very long.

15. What is the best website you’ve come across recently?
Well, besides Twitter, I’ve been trying to – ugh – get a little more active and eat better so I have discovered a cool website called Fat Secret. It’s a completely wretched name for a website, but I suppose all of the good ones were taken. At the very least, it’s memorable.

Anyway, it’s like an online diet tracking and social network website and it is FREE. So far, there are no ads, either. I even wrote about it on my blog I was so pleased with it. Anyway, that’s on my hot list today. I know, not very exciting, eh?

About Real Life:
When Jessie Sutherland, an opinion writer for ‘Angel Weekly’, suffers a few personal and romantic setbacks, her self-esteem takes a nosedive. In an effort to kick-start her life, she accepts an assignment vaguely described as ‘a makeover piece set in an exotic location.’

In REAL LIFE, Jessie finds herself on a crazy adventure in the Australian rainforest with a quirky all-male crew and her gorgeous (and conceited) co-worker, Grant Davidson. Jessie is confronted with challenging (and wacky) situations and must come to terms with her fears and weaknesses as she faces each of them head-on. Along the way, Jessie realizes that she is a strong and independent woman whose perception isn’t absolute and that love can happen if she’ll just get out of its way.

16. How long have you been on Twitter for and when did you realise you were sucked in by it?
Not barely three months and by my 200th post. Oh, and when I sat up hitting the refresh button so that I could find out what Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore think about William Paul Young’s “The Shack”. It was very surreal to be reading a celebrity’s tweets – like a major gap between two chasms had been bridged. Very surreal. I also had to stop following them because I realized that Twitter isn’t like a chat channel and my conversations were pretty much one-way.

17. Settle this question for me: PC or Mac?
PC, only because it’s what I have.

18. And another one: ice cream or cake?
Uh, you have to ask? Ice cream! You scream, I scream, we all scream for ice cream! What catchy bits have they written about cake lately? (waits for the onslaught)

19. Fill this out however you want: “Today I am ____ and I ____, but ____, because ____.”

Today I am one day closer to 40 and I may be older than I once was, but I really don’t mind because I am far wiser now than I ever was at 20.

20. What do you want everyone to know about you, who are you, what makes you tick?
Oh man, how much room do I have?

I want people to know that I am a Christian and a smart, independent, and logical individual; a gamer and a girl, a developer and a writer, a step-mom and a geek, and I’m trying to live my life to the best of my ability and to live for something bigger than me.

I love meeting new people and I love to be nostalgic about times when I was younger. I absolutely love reading and writing and have written and self-published one book and am working on my next one.

I’ve lived in two countries and though I miss Canada, I really have to say I love the weather in California (except when it’s too hot, then I get a little whiny). I can be both very friendly and engaging and sometimes shy or aloof. As cheesy as it sounds, I’m constantly a work in progress.

21. What is the last thing that you’ve felt proud about?
I published my book, Real Life.

22. If I wanted to stalk you on the internet where would I have to go?
Okayyyyy, you asked for it:

23. Any more comments?
No, I think you know me better than my own mother at this point.

Than you very much for taking part in this, it’s been great getting to know you a bit more!

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  1. Harry says:

    Great work! I really enjoyed this article! Hope to read more from you soon!


  2. Cat says:

    Thank you!


  3. Very nice! You’re moving on up! First it was a security guard, and now you’re interviewing authors.


  4. Cat says:

    Heh, well, curious what you’ll say about tomorrow’s choice then! ;)


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