Programs I use

My laptop is now two years old and these days I live in constant fear that it willl die on me, become corrupted or I’ll drop it accidentally, yet I never actually seem to get around to backup properly. My laptop has everything on it, from TV shows and films since I don’t have physical media any more, my entire music and audiobook collection, ebooks, some games and all the other things that accumulate and that I need for reference, such as messenger conversations, letters and other things.

Most of the really important files are backed up in various locations, for example my CV, a copy of which is on my laptop both of my ext. HDD’s, as an attachment sent to myself in Gmail and on Dropbox. This may seem [and probably is] overkill, but seeing that I don’t have a hardcopy of it, I am terrified it’ll get lost one day. All my music and video content is also on at least one of my ext HDD’s.

I’ve started looking at new laptops over the last month and predict that I will be buying one within the next half year which means that in addition to transferring all the files I’ll also have to install a ton of programs I use. So in order to make life easier, this is a list of said programs in no particular order for later reference:

Firefox ad-dons:

  • Adblock Plus
  • DownThemAll
  • Google Gears
  • Google Toolbar
  • Imageshack Toolbar
  • Microsoft .NET Framework assistant [although I’m not entirely sure why I have that on Firefox at the moment!]
  • NoScript
  • Tab Mix Plus
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