Michael Robotham – Drowning Man

A lost child.
A shattered past.
A life going under.

Well, as promising as the book sounds, it isn’t at all. I’ve lost interest about halfway through and then tried my hardest to finish reading it to see how the story plays out. All that means is that I skipped to the last chapter and read that and still felt unsatisfied.

The main character is annoying, the characters stereotypical and the plot flawed. By the end you don’t care about what happens with it any more and you just want to get it over with so you don’t have to read about those people any more.

In fact, the only good thing about the book were some of the quotes, but in no way could they redeem itself:

I know only two people who have been shot. One was a chap I went through police training college with. His name was Angus Lehmann and he wanted to be the first in everything – first in his exams, first to the bar, first to get promoted..

A few years back he led a raid on a drugs factory in Brixton and was first through the door. And entire magazine from a semi-automatic took his head clean off. There’s a lesson in that somewhere.

Page 16


Loving children is easy. Keeping them is hard.

Page 63


Even after Aleksei has gone I can feel his presence. He’s like a character from a Quentin Tarantino film with an aura of violence barely held in check.

Page 66


[When talking about a ransom for a kidnapping]
“Isn’t there something you can tell me; something I should be doing?”
He looks at me quizzically: “You want some advice?”
“Never go to a doctor whose office plants have died.”

Page 85


I hate statistics. I read somewhere that the average person uses 5.9 sheets of toilet tissue when they wipe their arse. It proves nothing and helps no one.

Page 86


But even those are too far between and don’t save the book. It’s a shame, it sounded quite promising.

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