#TwitLight hiatus this week

You may have already noticed that I haven’t posted any new TwitLight’s this week which up until earlier today I really did have the best intentions to. However, seeing how bad my week was I’ve just not had the chance to wrap my head around getting them written up.

It’s also another thing that I don’t really feel all that comfortable at posting real life problems on this blog any more. It’s strange that I feel more comfortable over at Twitter, but perhaps that’s due to this blog being more searchable. Some of the things that annoyed me this week are here and here and here and here and here and here and here and here.

Not to mention the ton of things I didn’t mention on Twitter throughout all of Monday for example where I hesitated with each tweet realising how emo I’d sound and ended up not posting any.

So yeah, look forward to next week when TwitLight will be back on Monday with a great one from @cory_grimes and if you’re already suffering withdrawel symptoms, have a look at the ones to date:

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