Went to see Gamer tonight and wasn’t all that impressed [hated it!], but there were a few things that I liked/recognised about gaming:

  • During the first few scenes there’s a ‘teabagging’ bit which made me laugh.
  • The cocky gamer.
  • Society, the Second Life game in the film which, just like SL is very much about sex.
  • Escaping in the car reminded me a lot of some of the Halo ‘hog chases I’ve done in the past.

Some of the things I didn’t like [too many to include them all!]:

  • The awful, awful stereotypical characters: Obese gamer, girl that helps him with dreadlocks, reporter that changes her ways throughout when she realises how bad it is, etc.
  • The violence. It was just too much.
  • The random characters that didn’t make sense, like the crazy guy.
  • The pixelating flashes.
  • The camera angles.
  • The story. It just didn’t make sense. Like how did the girl get to him in prison? How did they get the alcohol in? How on Earth did he suddenly end up in Second Life? What? Why?

Some other things:

  • I wish e-sports had such a large gathering.
  • They should have just kept the actual gaming parts as FPS, like they did for maybe five seconds once. That’s the only thing I liked about the Doom film when that came out..

This film has no replay value and isn’t worth watching just for the achievements..

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