Links I’ve been meaning to blog about for too long

The title says it all and some of these have been open in Firefox tabs for months!

Can you predict review scores? – I can’t believe anyone thought this was worthy of a company! Maybe I should start a company like that and make money!

Stop Telling Me What To Do – Lengthy [and I mean very long] yet wellwritten column about games and that they should stop displaying tutorials. I’ve been getting annoyed with Fable II continuously reminding me to press A to perform an action. I’ve been playing it for over 30 hours!

EatLiver – Avoiding all the wrong pictures, the site has about 50% funny content. Spent a good hour one day going through the archives.

Star Wars Name Generator – Does what it says on the tin, great place when in need for a random fictional name or two. Like NaNoWriMo which I shall not mention further!

Liberty City Map – Perfect for hunting those pesky rats!

You Can’t Go Home Again? – 1.01 and 1.02 “The Pilot” – Brilliant Lost post with many, many images on the foreshadowing of the pilot Lost episode to mythology and twists later on. Includes so many details I’ve missed even on repeat viewings, like placing of scars which could be significant or the frequent occurence of black and white.

Connecting the Dots – 1.16, 1.17, 1.18 and 1.19 “Outlaws”, “…In Translation”, “Numbers”, “Deus Ex Machina” – Another great Lost post on the connections between events that weren’t obvious during the first viewing, such as Locke’s fall from the building during a Hurley centric episode. Highlights many of the ‘coincidences’.

Halo Legends – The Babysitter Today Only – Starting to get annoyed by things only being available for limited time..

Star Wars KotOR Quiz – User generated KotOR quiz that I scored FAR too high in! 39/40! Although technically it would have been full marks, but one of the questions is wrong. And yes, I know what the ‘Unknown Planet’ is called; what planet the main playable character originates from; and what the sharks on Manaan are called!

FSR Halo 2 Song Rap – A not quite SFW and quite bizarre song written about Halo 2 including video. Catchy though and I remember first listening to it back when I started playing it in 2005!

Orthographic diacritics and multilingual computing – A great article on how the Latin alphabet isn’t enough, how it’s been extended in some languages with letters like the German umlaut and what can be done in the future.

I’m Belle de Jour – I watched the TV show because of Billie Piper and read the book because of the show. It’s interesting how she’s decided to finally reveal her true identity after all these years, although I do wonder if she’s not just a decoy.

‘You’ve been very, very naughty’ – Lately I’ve gotten quite into watching Supernanny and this article linked via the program’s Wikipedia page definitely leaves a bitter taste.

Dear Every Site That Paginates Articles – Something particularly bad on gaming articles.

Xbox gamer ‘gutted’ after cut off – Tough cookie.. Muppet. – Want that hairstyle!

[FWIW, this post would have been posted several hours ago would it not be annoying to assign categories on]

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2 Responses to Links I’ve been meaning to blog about for too long

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  2. MarkEso says:

    Sucks that people like this can buy games, play them and never think twice, where as I own a 360 and over the coruse of the last year having it, can only afford 5 games for it, most of which I have to trade to buy another. If I had a PS3, I would love to play this game, and I love the Killzone Universe and storyline. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not one of the 360 fanboys, I don’t see what the point in arguing consoles, both bring a lot to the table. They’re here for 1 purpose, entertaining.


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