On game completion

'Tis a 360 controller!

A while back I’ve had a conversation on Twitter with @PCurd and @jamesbmarshall:

PCurd: @craigyd I bought Torchlight in it off your recommendation :) Also Kotor as I’ve lost my pc copy. #
carocat: @PCurd KotOR again?! Aren’t your saves on the Xbox though? #
PCurd: @carocat I have saves on 1.0, 360 and pc. Can never remember which is most advanced but I was playing on pc before I lost the disks. #
carocat: @PCurd That’s just insane. Question is just if you’ll ever finish it! #
PCurd: @carocat I think it’s unlikely. I don’t finish games, as a rule. #
jamesbmarshall: @PCurd @carocat One of the only games I’ve ever actually finished is Metroid II: Return of Samus. It took me about 2 years. :$ #
jamesbmarshall: @PCurd @carocat I’m amazed I completed Metroid tbh. Most games fizzle out about 3/4s of the way thru for me. They become ‘samey’. #

Surprised by their answers I thought I’d ask the rest of Twitter:

First up the answers I expected:

  • Assassin10k: I would say at least 1000 or so.
  • DjDATZ: Played too many of them. I’d reckon about 40-ish on the 360?
    : I wouldn’t say much more than that… 50-60-ish? (includes the PS2 & PS1/X)
  • citizensparks: I’ve finished every game I’ve ever owned (aka about 70) bar the metal gear solid games; I get to the last level and just fail them.
  • Gazimoff: I used to be religious about finishing games, but now I have a stack that I’m waiting to get through!
    : played to completion around 50 or so. Currently have about 30 on Wii, xbox and pc waiting for me to finish
    : that’s old school though – mega drive/gameboy and old pc stuff
  • Goon360: From start to finish, prolly around a thousand. I’ve been gaming since I was 5.
    : On NES alone I owned about 200 games and finished a good chunk of them, and I’ve owned every console there is.
  • JoeGizzle: Oof, that’s a tough one. I’ve played most consoles and handhelds starting with the NES, so I’m guessing a couple hundred?
  • Mr_Marty: 100%’d, not many. But storyline completion is about 70% on my Xbox and PS3 games. =)
  • olliboote: um 100% perhaps 1 maybe two, as for completing main story line (i pretty complete all games I play in that sense) so I’m saying 50.
  • Phoenix8424: I think I’ve completed around a hundred, give or take. Since the very beginning!
  • Peterocc: Between Odyssey, Intellivision II, NES/Super NES, Genesis, Sega CD, Xbox, PS1, PS2, Xbox 360 & PS3… I’d have to say over 100+.
    Peterocc: On Xbox 360??? 10-12 since launch, only 1 GS/Achievement completed (XBL Arcade Game). PS3? 1 (Killzone 2)
  • strayjohno: I’m actually quite good at cleaning up games. Apparently I have 7 with a full 360 GS, for instance. If I had to guess how many? ~30
    : Some of my proudest: Sonic & Knuckles, because it had no save points, and Baldur’s Gate II, because it took me bloody ages!
  • spritesbites: Shit the bed! How the hell am I supposed to guess that? It must run into many hundreds.
  • _Tugsy: Over one hundred I would say…
  • Zyber: More than a hundred. Probly past 2 hundred realistically.

Followed by some answers that were different to what I expected:

  • Esko: Have completed 15 titles for all of the achievements. Fallout 3 is probably the favorite that I have 100% on.
  • GeminiAce: In my entire gaming “career”? I’m gonna say maybe 15 or 20.
  • MacP_: About 10-15. The most memorable being all MGS series and GTA series.
  • TimmyTenga: 10 maybe? Not very many considering how many games I’ve played.
    TimmyTenga: Actually, that’s wrong. Probably more like 25.

And then the really surprising ones:

  • cornellfinch: Three. All tony hawk’s skateboarding games on the PS2.
  • Dreamsthedream: 3-4, with my lifestyle games generally don’t get finished due to lack of time lol
  • FallingBullets: About 2 maybe, if I was allowed cheats.
  • noirem: One: Final Fantasy 7. Even Portal I watched the end of on YouTube (’cause I couldn’t play anymore).
  • PCurd*: Duck Tales, Fable, Halo, Halo2, Call of Juarez 2, COD, COD:BRO, HalfLife, Another Code. I think that’s it.
  • sarahfenn: 3 games: Dizzy the Egg (speccy 128k), a racing game on the super nes, & Super Mario World.
  • talldavek: If by completed you mean got to the end and beat the boss, 5 or 6. If you mean get *everything* in game 2.
*[Yes, I know he said earlier he doesn’t finish games as a rule, but who am I to judge his changes of mind?!]

Well, and then there was this reply!

  • PMSHarlequin: I was going to respond to your question but got distracted by your super cute colorful fluffy wallpaper!

A few days ago I finally finished a book I spent months reading. I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I hoped I would, but I couldn’t just ignore it. Partially because I kept hoping for it to improve, but mostly because I need to finish books and dislike half finished stories. The same with TV shows, films and games.

I’ve played a lot of games in the past few years:

  • There’s the long list of Xbox games out of which I’ve completed about a third.
  • My favourite Xbox games which I’ve mostly completed at least twice in some shape or form with the exception of two.
  • On the 360 I’ve completed about 40 games.
  • And another 10 games on other platforms/PC.

Yet it never seems enough. My aim for 2008 was to finish a bunch of games and I didn’t get around enough of them to this day. Looking at my current games collection I count around 20 games that want to be completed which doesn’t even include Xbox Live Arcade games! And I’m pretty sure that I will complete them at some point even if that’s going to take me a few more years.

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4 Responses to On game completion

  1. Joe says:

    Never understood why people would buy a game without the intention of completing it. You know what you’re in for, so why cheat yourself?

    Even if a game throws something completely unexpected at me , I want to know what happens after investing so much time into it if the story is worth a damn. Brutal Legend is a perfect example- I HATED the clumsy pseudo-RTS gameplay after the demo gave the impression of a more traditional hack-and-slash, but the story, characters and setting are so fantastically original that I beared with it until I beat it. I almost threw my controller through my TV playing it, but I beat it.


  2. Peter Curd says:

    I did say ‘as a rule’ not ‘ever’ :) some games are easy or short or too compelling not to finish. Halo 2 for example I completed on co-op twice before I played it again. I’m probably better at finishing games with people, Fable I was watched so that gave me compulsion to finish, the Halo’s were coop first. COD is short! And Duck Tales is just awesome.


  3. Cat says:

    I’m with you Joe, I always feel like I’m missing out. However, I’ll make an exception if the game is buggy or I’ll absolutely hate it, but neither happens very often.

    For example two games I’m particularly struggling with at the moment are Batman Arkham Asylum and The Saboteur, but I’m pretty sure I’ll finish them at some point.

    Peter, well, it seemed implied that way!


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