Project365 week 2 – “The big freeze followed by the big thaw then some more snow followed by rain. What’s going on?”

It’s week two of my Project365 and another week featuring mostly pictures taken in and around the flat. The few times I have left the house I didn’t come across much worth taking a picture of and twice I nearly forgot to take one alltogether which explains the pictures of whatever I was watching or playing at the time!

The next few weeks will be busy with several things going on in my life and I’m hoping I’ll still remember to take the pictures!

The images and additional explanations of them can also be found on cat on tumblr:

Project365 is an attempt to chronicle my life in 2010 by taking pictures for every day of the week which I already attempted in 2009, but didn’t progress beyond day 19. Weekly updates will be posted here using the Project365 category and all new pictures are uploaded to my tumblr using the Project365 tag. If you want to find more pictures by other people, do check out the @365_Project Twitter account.

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