It’s time for Mass Effect 2!

Mass Effect 2!!!

Knights of the Old Republic is the game that got me into gaming. I remember playing it at work [in Spanish!] not understanding a word and not really knowing what was going on. All I remember is walking around in a beautiful environment talking to people and completing missions. Shortly after its release I bought an Xbox with the game and played it for about a week until finally completing it. I remember being stuck on Korriban [that freaking pillar!!], dancing on Taris and the big twist. A rainy Sunday afternoon that’s forever in my memory. The game had such an impact on me that I also watched Star Wars for the first time as I’d never been exposed to it as a child.

Jade Empire and Fable were the next big role playing games. The dream sequence in Jade Empire initially made me angry until I realised how well it worked with the story and I didn’t know anything about Fable beforehand either apart from Peter Molyneux’s promise of ‘growing a tree’ and ‘decisions that will impact the world’ neither of which were actually in the game. I still enjoyed every minute of it though.

Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords on the other hand was spoilt for me early on. Prior to the game’s release I knew who the main bad guy was and whilst I still loved the game [Yes, I love both KotOR’s equally!], it wasn’t the same experience as being able to experience everything myself.

Mass Effect came out in 2007 and I tried my hardest to stay away from any videos or articles about the game, until I caved two days before its release and ended up watching all the videos Gametrailers had of it which was quite a lot! I saw how the different classes affected the gameplay [not that it matters seeing I always play a soldier anyway!] in an area I now know to be on Virmire shortly before encountering another beacon and every time I get to the area I think about watching the videos, even on my just completed sixth playthrough.

I’ve mentioned how many things I know about Mass Effect 2 so far in this post and there are only a few more things I’ve read on Twitter about it, such as a character called ‘Subject Zero’, loyalty and crew missions and how annoying the mining is. Of course I have heard how everyone loves the game, but I didn’t expect anything else!

As I am typing this, the second Mass Effect 2 disc is installing on my 360’s HDD. I’ve completed my sixth Mass Effect 1 playthrough a few hours ago and finally have the character I want with all sidemissions bar those pesky collection ones completed.

Ciara Shepard, Earthborn level 60 paragon soldier with Assault/Sniper Rifle specialisation and sole survivor of Akuze, although based on a later sidemission that is obviously not true. Her love interest is Kaiden Alenko and Ashley Williams died on Virmire having been with the Salarian troops when the last geth staged an attack. Decisions made:

  • Allowing Fist to live.
  • Sympathising publically with aliens several times.
  • Letting the Rachni Queen escape.
  • Convincing Wrex to destroy the facility on Virmire.
  • Refusing to hand over Cerberus files to an agent of the Shadow Broker.
  • Convincing Helena Blake to abandon her gang.
  • Saving the colony on Feros and convincing the ExoGeni rep to rebuild it.
  • Saving the trapped scientists on Asteroid X57.
  • Having Chancellor Burns look into legislation for biotics.
  • Convincing ‘Father Kyle’ to surrender.
  • Saved the Council.
  • Suggested Captain Anderson as the Human Council member.
  • Suggested to the fan he might be better suited staying at home with his wife.

I’ve also found the shifty looking cow twice!

Time for Mass Effect 2!

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