Mass Effect 2 – “Oh no, here comes disc 2”

As soon as I started carrying on from where I left the game earlier I was prompted to change discs. Even though I know that Mass Effect 2 only uses the second disc for it’s middle section, or at least that’s what I remember reading, it’s still a sign that I’ve made considerable progress and that the end of the game is near.

“The geth might get me, but I’m not going to die from an infection in the middle of a battle. That’s just insulting.” – Kal’Reegar.

I liked the mission to pick up Tali; having a planet that damages shields in direct sunlight is an interesting way to spice up the missions and it was quite nice to see and encounter other Quarians though I’m still disappointed I’ve been unable to visit the flotilla! Bringing Tali back to the ship I loved the interaction between her and Jacob at the end of the debriefing where Jacob encourages her to familiarise herself with the ship’s AI. If looks could kill Jacob would be dead by now and it was a nice reference to the first game and the Quarian/Geth story that happened before the events of Mass Effect 1.

“There are no decent galactic dating services. To have a shot at romance you need to talk to people.” – Loading screen.

Jacob’s loyalty mission was interesting as for once someone turned out to actually be responsible and unrepentant instead of just being misunderstood and having a nice family reunion. Garrus’ loyalty mission was similar showing off that the game really is going into a different direction. Not everyone in the galaxy is good or can be turned to the ‘light side’.

Grunt is funny and I never thought there would be any Krogans with a sense of humour. I look forward to his loyalty mission on the Krogan homeworld and am of course hoping to run into Wrex there.

I much prefer the mission layout to Mass Effect 1. Going on main story missions was always a bit of a hassle as they took forever, but Mass Effect 2 so far has had missions that were just right in length and didn’t require me to spend ages on the same planet running back and forth through the same corridors talking to the same people. Noveria was a particularly bad example. Not having to spend ages outfitting characters is also a bonus as it allows for a more flexible quad though I currently prefer a combination of Garrus and Jack.

I don’t like the levelling system at all. It’s incredibly limited to the first game and I miss levelling up when and where I can rather than having to wait until the end of missions.

“You know what else is bad for business? A broken neck.” – Garrus.

Illirium is beautiful and has a lot of exploration, but at the same time it’s the first planet in the Mass Effect universe that reminds me of Star Wars or, more precisely, Coruscant during Episode 2. This isn’t necessarily bad, but it makes me wish they’d have made it differently as I don’t feel the Mass Effect universe is quite as up to scratch in comparison.

Liara has had the most unbelievable change from Mass Effect 1; she’s changed from a naive archaeologist to some kind of high powered business woman. I didn’t think it was possibly for the writers to make her even more unlikable, but the writers have definitely proven me wrong!

“He showed me some of his schoolwork and asked if we could dance crazy. We did that when he was younger.” – Thane [about his son].

If there’s anything BioWare games have taught me, it’s to look out for hints on the story to come. I missed them on my first KotOR playthrough, but caught them on my first Mass Effect 1 one when the council discusses if I can make a decision that will ultimately result in the death of some people. That conversation is just after completing Feros and not too long before having to sacrifice either Kaiden or Ashley and the whole Wrex thing. So Garrus asking what I would do if someone betrayed me set all the alarm bells ringing. I’ve previously likened Miranda to Kreia from KotOR II which, admittedly, was not a BioWare game, but followed the same principle and it’ll be interesting to see if she will betray me and, if so, how.

The Ghost ship? Apart from it being far too much like Prey, a game I hated, it also had a trap so obvious even flashing neon signs with ‘It’s a trap!’ wouldn’t have made it more obvious. Admiral Ackbar would have been proud.

The thought of Keepers having been something else before being transformed by the collectors is an interesting idea. I’ve noticed that they are still on the Citadel and have been reparing it since the attack by Sovereign and it’ll be interesting to see if there’s even more to them than has already be revealed.

Shepard: “I couldn’t do this without you, Garrus.”
Garrus: “Sure you could. Not as stylishly, of course.”

“The Collectors killed you once and all it did is piss you off. Can’t imagine they’ll stop you this time.” – Garrus.

As it stands I’ve got 275GS, roughly 32 hours of playtime and two squad members and a majority of loyalty missions to go. I’ve also killed my fish, though I kept feeding them!

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5 Responses to Mass Effect 2 – “Oh no, here comes disc 2”

  1. Wons says:

    It’s interesting to read your plot predictions when I know what will happen, lol.


  2. Cat says:

    Heh, I’m just waiting to be proven wrong on everything and some twist I never expected to happen!

    One thing I’m ruling out completely though is betrayel by any of the ME1 squad members, so Tali and Garrus.

    Oh and I’m loving Garrus so much in this, he’s so much better than ME1!


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