Mass Effect 2 – “Who observes the Observers?”

Continuing from where I last left the game I decided to finally complete one of the Liara missions.

Traipsing around Illium I obviously looked for the terminals in the wrong area and ended up spending a good ten minutes trying to figure out what I was meant to do. After hacking all five of the terminals I got the conversation option to tell Liara that it wasn’t any of the five suspects and the original intelligence date must have been incorrect. All good, however, I could have finished that mission after two minutes had it given me the conversation option after the first terminal I hacked which was terminal 5 at the bottom of the stairs from Liara’s office. It’s a shame that the game didn’t really pick up on that.

“We can disobey suicidal orders? Why wasn’t I told?” – Garrus.

To be fair, although I’ve played about eight hours of the game in the last two days I’ve done very little. Most of it was spent mining planets which, as @JoeGizzle pointed out weeks ago, is extremely soul crushing. I invested into the scanning upgrade very early on, but each planet takes about five minutes and only increases the resources by 5-10k if I’m lucky. I don’t think I’m doing anything wrong either..

“I’ve never considered cross-species intercourse. And damn, saying it that way doesn’t help. Now I feel dirty and clinical.” – Garrus.

Garrus has definitely become my favourite character. His writing has improved so much and pretty much every conversation makes me laugh. Thank you, BioWare writers and equally shame on you for not making him more interesting in the first game!

“It’ll either be a night to treasure, or a horrible interspecies awkwardness thing. In which case fighting the Collectors will be a welcome distraction. So, you know, a win either way.” – Garrus.

“Wait. That metaphor just went somewhere horrible.” – Garrus.

I’ve done some other missions, like the Miranda loyalty mission and picking up the Justicar, neither of which were particularly interesting or memorable. The game seems heavily based around Asari again and I’d really like to see more of the Salarians, Turians or Batarians. As for the Krogans, I’m on my way to the Krogan homeworld now..

Stats: 48hours playtime, 295GS, all characters minus the unknown one recruited and remaining loyalty missions left from Jack, Mordin, Grunt, Tali, Samara and Thane. Off to Krogans!

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