Xbox Live Indie games

The first time I looked at the Xbox Live Indie games section was only a couple of months ago. Before that I knew it existed and had heard of some games, yet never actually downloaded any. That changed when I first came across this post about ‘Office Politics’ on Joystiq. The video was brilliant enough for me to download and complete the game within a day.

There are several Indie games I’ve since played, here’s a selection of them:


Office Politics [since renamed to Office DisOrders]:

The game centers around Jennifer, a temp sent from the agency to the company. It’s got several elements from the Sims, for example Jennifer needs to eat, drink, go to the toilet and power nap, but that’s just a small part of the game. Tasks include finding the colleagues around the office, sorting and re-sorting the same newsletters over and over again, organising meetings and dealing with the difficult colleagues, some of which walk around in their underwear.

Of course there’s also Doug Bader and generally hilarious quotes!

Regardless how short the game is, it’s 80MS points that are very well spent!


The Impossible Game:

It’s just a block jumping over blocks in a sidescrolling game and yet it’s incredibly difficult and incredibly addictive! Another well spent 80MS points, though I think I’ve only played it twice since the original purchase as I fear becoming too addicted to it!


Pixel Boarder:

I didn’t buy this game as I thought 240MS points were a bit too much for it, but the trial is a lot of fun once I became used to the control scheme. Anything below 200MS points and I would have bought it. The concept is simple, it’s a 2D snowboarding game with jumps, tricks and the like. And some annoying yet fun music.



I had heard of this game a lot last summer and I can’t say I know of anyone who didn’t like it. So far I’ve only played the trial of it, as I don’t even have the 80MS points needed on my account! It’s intense, insane and a lot of fun with some crazy music and a constantly changing background and, although its premise is a lot like Geometry Wars, it’s much better and enjoyable gameplay.


Globe Clicker:

This isn’t technically a game and more a geography quiz that’s far too expensive at 240MS points. I’ve played the trial and it’s pretty simple. The challenge game starts with ten questions about capitals all over the world and all there is to it is rotating the globe which just has the oceans and borders marked and placing a marker closest to the capital with points for speed and proximity. This is followed by a round pinpointing towns around the world on a night globe which only has the borders and the lightpollution displayed. Some can be outright tricky, such as Kazan in Russia, a town I had never even heard of. The third round is the furthest I’ve gotten due to the trial timing out after a certain amount of time. It consists of pinpointing US cities and is by far the easiest one.

The game has shown me how much I need to improve my geography knowledge and, how much I wished the curriculum at school was better. Yes, blaming school for a lack of geographical knowledge after over ten years isn’t right, however, most of the things I know are from that time.

I do think I will buy Globe Clicker one day as I definitely see it as a fun way to improve my knowledge and it’s quite fun playing it with other people.


Gamefarm Math Quiz:

Saying I suck at math is not expressive enough. I really suck at it and I’m incredibly slow working out the simplest things which is why I prefer using a calculator or writing things down. Sure, off the top of my head I can say 4×4=16, but 12×15 would leave me stumped for a while. Along comes this math quiz and, despite my lack of math skillz, it’s actually a lot of fun!

There are nine different difficulty stages ranging from ridiculously easy to ‘OMG, no one can work that out this fast’! Within the challenge mode there are three different modes from a multiple choice quiz to differentiating wrong and correct functions. The music is catchy and the sound effects weird to say the least. 80MS points well spent!


Dont B Nervous Talking 2 Girls:

I only downloaded the trial, because the name seemed hilarious. 80MS points are far too much, but it did keep me and my housemate entertained for a few minutes until the trial expired. The game is build around videoclips of a girl in different locations, such as the park or the library and contextual conversations, such as ‘Can you help my with my maths homework’ or ‘Is this seat taken’. Conversations are multiple choice and the aim of each location is to ultimately get and remember her phone number as the game will give points if it’s been remembered.

The ‘game’ showed me one thing: I should never chat up girls as I’m clearly not very good at it!


I am taking recommendations for other Indie games!

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