Lost Season 6

Spoileriffic post with theories. Don’t read if you haven’t watched episode six of the last season of Lost yet!

Over the past few years I’ve pretty much stopped watching films and concentrated on TV shows instead. I tend to watch shows that have finished airing so I can watch the episodes back to back. Of course, there are some exceptions; currently I keep up with Burn Notice, The Mentalist, The Office US [though I started watching it when it was in its fourth season], Doctor Who and a few others. I originally started watching Lost when it first started, though never progressed past the first few episodes due to the excessive amount of ads on Channel 4. I decided to catch up with seasons 1-4 in the summer of 2008 and since then watched subsequent episodes when they aired.

Season 5 was pretty incredible, the writers actually seemed to be explaining things, though each episode again raised a million and one questions. There were some amazing characters, such as Daniel Faraday; storylines, such as time travel and indications of there being more to the show than meets the eye. All in all pretty confusing, pretty amazing and nothing like the previous seasons which were also awesome.

Hurley: “It’s a lighthouse.”
Jack: “I don’t understand. How is it that we’ve never seen it before?”
Hurley: “I guess we weren’t looking for it.”

Season 6 so far has completely blown me away. Sure, there was one episode that I would consider a filler episode, but overall with every episode this season seems to be getting better and better with new storytelling methods [flashsideways], even more connections in both the real world and the flashsideways storyline and shocking, yet entirely plausible character progressions. The pace is incredible with new characters and stories being introduced at every corner and seemingly resolved just a few episodes later.

Over the past few seasons most of the main characters have been split up countless times and some even spent years apart from each other or never even met in the first place, such as Miles and Ilana, even though the latter has been in Lost for over a season. Or Miles and Frank who last met back in season 4 or in ‘Island time’ over three years ago. Or Claire who presumably never met any of the Dharma people or the Ajira passengers. Yet these characters become so familiar that it’s strange to see them meet for the first time seasons down the line.

Sayid: “Apparently, I’m evil now.”

Lost’s story has changed a lot from a plane crash to introducing different factions, medical experiments, time travelling and now fate. The problems of the first season, such as lack of water or someone’s inhaler missing has turned completely to fate, danger, death and people coming back to life or possibly being taken over by someone or something. The way Lost portrays the characters and their connections is brilliant. For example, there is a conversation between Jack and Kate during the pilot episode which mentions plenty of things we’re to discover later; Jack’s counting during surgery which is related to his father and Jacob plus Kate’s mentioning she had made the drapes in her apartment, something that’s later to be revealed to be the one where she marries Nathan Fillion. Or that the con man destroying Sawyer’s family is Locke’s father. Or that Jack and Claire are siblings.

As much as I love the show, I do sometimes wish it hadn’t gone down the route it took. As a child I’ve always been intrigued by Swiss Family Robinson and later The Lord of the Flies. Both stories are about being shipwrecked on an island and dealing with it by attempting to build a society. Lost had a great premise, people who were somehow related to it, strangers with interesting backgrounds and it would have been interesting to see how they would have developed as a group, especially with background characters in episodes like Exposé or The Other 48 Days.

Locke: “Don’t tell me what I can’t do.”

However, now that it’s turned out differently I am more than excited to see how it turns out. Last night’s episode not only had the biggest fight so far, but also one of the darkest and most somber scenes the show has had and by that I don’t mean the smoke monster attacking the temple, but rather Sayid’s disturbing actions and the look in his eyes and the aftermath of the attack. It raised a lot of questions:

  • Is Sayid truly evil?
  • Why is Ben scared of him more than he’s ever been of anything else so far?
  • Are the flashsideways showing unhappy people really just what Locke has been promising the people he’s convinced to join his cause?
    • Hurley is happy and he is very much in Team Jacob.
    • Charlie is unhappy and seeing that he died probably on Team Locke.
    • Jack is happy and has always been against Locke.
    • Kate is neither, but as of now her affiliation isn’t clear.
    • Claire is raising Aaron which is something she was always specifically told to do.
    • Sayid is unhappy and pretty much fully on Locke’s side.
    • Locke has found happiness, though it could just be that he unconsciously gave himself what he wanted.
  • What happened to Claire and how are things going to develop between her and Kate?
  • What have Jack and Hurley been up to during the events of this episode? Still staring out to the sea?

Some predictions, though I can mostly not explain them nor do I think they’ll actually turn out to be true seeing I have a bad track record of predicting things:

  • Bernard and Rose are Adam and Eve from the caves.
  • Bernard and Rose are ultimately going to be a major part of the finale, possibly saving everything somehow.
  • Libby will reappear in a flashsideway only as Hurley’s girlfriend or wife, aiding his ‘happy’ life.
  • Juliet will likewise reappear in a flashsideway only, meeting Sawyer.
  • Cindy will somehow survive all this. She’s been quite consistently popping up everywhere.
  • Miles is going to die. I don’t want him to die as he has definitely become one of my favourite characters, but I think he’ll die in the next episode that’s central around him.
  • Ben Linus will have the ultimate redemption and die. He’s been pretty much on the right track for that since the beginning of the season.

Only six and a half days to go until the next episode..

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3 Responses to Lost Season 6

  1. Mmmm, I do like Lost and don’t really know if I want it to end. There seems to be a lot of loose ends that need tying up before the end of this season and I don’t think it’s gonna happen neatly. But I could be wrong, of course!



  2. Cat says:

    I definitely don’t want it to end. I’ve been sad every episode this season so far knowing it’ll be over soon!


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