Just Cause 2 demo

This has been a must buy ever since I played and loved the first one. The general feel to it and the over top stunts possible were great and whilst I’ve never actually done everything of it, it’s always been a good game to go back on.

The demo for Just Cause 2 came out today and, though I didn’t think it possible, it’s improved a lot.

The demo is on a timer and there are 30 minutes time to explore, attempt missions, blow things up and whatever else starting from the moment the original base is left. So far I’ve done five playthroughs, yet by no means completed much in the game.

Things I’ve done:

  • I’ve killed people by attaching them to things.
  • I’ve shot gas tanks, attached myself to them and flown into the sky. Very Münchhausen!
  • I’ve killed people by hitting them with some weird wire thing somehow attached to my arm. Took me ages to remember it was there after running out of ammo!
  • I’ve stolen and flown a helicopter.
  • I’ve taken a helicopter as high up as possible and basejumped!
  • I’ve completed the ‘Desert Dash’ race in a plane which has amazing controls.
  • I’ve performed air based flips with a plane.
  • I’ve crashed planes in spectacular fashion.
  • I’ve attempted a faction mission which involved:
    • Attacking a base.
    • Finding a door on a high up level.
    • Killing an officer with a keycard to the door.
    • Accessing the GPS system in the room after being surprised by a turret in there.
    • Got flown to a convoy to kill one of the cars.
    • Eliminated all but one car until the demo timed out again.
  • I’ve destroyed more things than I can count, including radio towers, cranes, pipelines, gas tanks, water towers, petrol stations..
  • I’ve driven over 15 different vehicles, from motor bikes to cars and trucks.
  • I’ve done several basejumps.

And I’m sure I’ve not even experienced half of what there is in the demo!

Overall the demo is very, very awesome and I’m really looking forward to the game. There are a couple of things I miss which is the agency vehicle supply drop [though that and the teleport option could be included later] and the unlimited ammo for the basic pistols. I’ve found myself run out of ammo a lot. Also, the vehicles seem to be even less stuck to the ground and the driving is definitely something that will take a while to get used to.

Things that have definitely improved are the camera angles, especially when using the parachute and I love the fact the grappelhook can be used on anything now compared to just vehicles from the first game. It makes reaching hich places that much easier. I also like that he actually needs to breathe underwater now and the O2 display is brilliant!

I’ve encountered a handful of bugs as well including a glitch where there were no more vehicles anywhere for over 15 minutes until the demo timed out and I twice crashed continuing after dying, though I’m confident that is probably due to the demo code.

I might just have to play the first one again until Just Cause 2 comes out on the 26th of March!

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