Game Over Month 2010

This month I’m taking part in the Married Gamers Game Over Month or GOM for short.

Started in 2009, Game Over Month offers gamers that chance to catch up on games that fell through the cracks or got lost in a sea of newer game releases. Games can be on virtually any platform including retro consoles and the PC.

There are some more requirements posted over on their site.

This is how the GOM has been going for me so far, the below is mostly taken from my GOM thread on their forum which I believe is only accessible to those registered:

This is a great idea, there are so many games I’ve been vowing to finish for years yet still haven’t. Damn all these new releases!

Let’s see, games I have sitting here that want to be finished:

  • Fable II [Currently on some rather annoying bit sort of towards the end I think]
  • GTA IV – The Lost and the Damned [Haven’t even started the DLC!]
  • Need for Speed Undercover [Don’t actually ever see me finishing this one.]
  • The Saboteur [Such a great premise, such bad execution, but I’m determined to finish it before trading it in.]
  • Top Spin 3 – Might as well add this one to the list, loved the previous two, but couldn’t really get used to the changes in the gameplay.
  • Tomb Raider Underworld [I’ve managed to get stuck on the Thailand level and can’t find the way out, even with walkthroughs as I can’t even figure out where exactly I am..]
  • Lost – Liked this a lot actually though got stuck in one of the levels and never carried on. Should only be a couple of hours left on it, too!

Let’s see how it’ll go seeing I’ve still got Mass Effect 2 to finish and am currently completely engrossed in Just Cause 2’s Panau!



Well.. I did boot up ‘The Saboteur’ yesterday, does that count?

Not been doing very well, been getting sidetracked with having friends over for Easter and playing too much Live, as usual!

I was actually determined to play one of the games on my list today, but am now finding myself on the third Indiana Jones film after realising I hadn’t seen them for a couple of years!



I’m determined today. I’ve just woken up, so I’ve still got motivation for things and I’m going to play one of those games today! Probably GTA IV!



So I’ve started. Put in Tomb Raider, restarted the Thailand level, found a Youtube walkthrough and played through the Thailand, Croft Manor, Mexico and Mayen Island levels. And I’ve realised that I really really really don’t like the game. The puzzles are silly, even compared to past Tomb Raiders and there’s never any indication what needs to be done. I hate playing games with a walkthrough, but seeing that I got frustrated with it makes me glad I had it.

I think I’m close to the end now though, here’s hoping!



Tomb Raider Underworld – complete!

What a let down of an ending, too!



Moving on, I’ve carried on with my Top Spin career and seem to finally get the hang of it. Progressed through the Challenger stage and the Junior stage.

Of course there was that moment when I was really impressed with a set I’d done, went to change some sound options and realised I’d been playing the game on easy all day..

I’m surprised at how little I appear to get used to the new mechanics. I’ve put in about ten ish hours I think and whilst I’m winning the easy career tournaments I’m not doing too well on the hard ones [Overall profile difficulty plus two choices each simulated month].

So I’m confused that either I’m suddenly doing badly at a gametype I’m actually really good at [without sounding too full of myself!] or that I’m doing something fundamentally wrong in the game!



Been extremely busy on the weekend and I’ve been ill since, so there’s barely been any gaming.

Mostly gone back to Top Spin 3 though the tournaments [12 per year, 5 per tournament, 2 sets per match, 3 games per set] are taking a lot longer now. Plus I’m encountering pro’s now, like Maria Sharapova.



Haven’t really been playing quite as much as I should. I’ve been busy this week and still a bit leftover cold.

Somewhat progressing with Top Spin 3, got two or three tournaments left on the pro career and I’ve had some achievements that didn’t unlock with shop items bought which bugged me a little. Encountering pros seemed like a good idea at first, but playing against Miss Sharapova in every single tournament isn’t quite that exciting as her style is easy to beat..

Played a little bit of Force Unleashed last night, too. Completed the game when I first bought it last summer, but had been meaning to complete it again on a harder difficulty collecting more things. Thing is there are quite a few things I didn’t like about the game. I loved the overall gameplay, but some of the level setpieces just sucked.

This morning I’ve jumped onto Rainbow 6 Vegas 2 which I didn’t list in my OP, because I really despise the game, yet at the same time want to finish it so I can finally get rid of it. I’m at the bit where the entire team’s gone and a game laid out for squad based combat is suddenly just an FPS. Who thought that was a good idea? I’ve managed to get irritated at least five times in less than an hour, yey?

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