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I’ve spent a lot of time in the past month trying to sort out pictures. Before I started there were roughly 8000 pictures, though a lot of them duplicates, stored in too many places, including two laptops [one of which switches off every 10-30 minutes], two external HDD’s, an iPod classic and online storage places ranging from Dropbox, Picasa, Imageshack and an ancient, largely unused Flickr account.

Collecting all of them in one place took a long time and I only really started organising them last weekend after spending about a week deciding just what I wanted to do with them. A vast majority of them are pictures of friends and locations so uploading them all to the internet wasn’t really an issue, even though some sites do offer complex privacy options. I finally decided to keep them all on Dropbox as I can not only access them from everywhere, but also have a backup and will continue to do a backup every few months to one of my external HDD’s. Dropbox was also a godsend when I realised I deleted the wrong picture and I could go through the deleted ones to find it again, even though that process took me about thirty minutes!

Going through the pictures I started deleting a lot of them as they were duplicates, bad quality or not worth keeping anyway. Left over with approximately 4000 of them I’ve created new folders with events, people, family, locations, trips and the like and renamed the individual filenames to make more sense. For example the above picture is ‘KLM plane at Shiphol going to UK first time May 24th 2009’ as it’ll show up in Windows search next time I’m looking for pictures of Shiphol airport, planes and May. I debated editing the description of the pictures instead, but realised that they don’t show up in the Windows search which is my main method for finding files on my laptop.

I have about 3000 pictures left to sort, but at least I’m making progress!

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6 Responses to Organising pictures

  1. Kiran says:

    I just returned from Schiphol 2 months ago. Am also busy with my spring-cleaning! Good that you are making progress :)


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  3. Cat says:

    I can’t make up my mind whether or not I like Schiphol or not!


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