Gamer Banter: A rushed love letter

Gamer Banter is a monthly gaming discussion of multiple bloggers. More info is here and please contact Terry from Game Couch if you wish to take part.

May’s topic is set by Cat at Which game character do you identify yourself with most/least and why?

Today’s entry for the ‘You really shouldn’t do this again as it’ll just be embarrassing’ list: Suggesting a topic for Gamer Banter at the beginning of the month, because I couldn’t get motivated about last month’s topic and then being late with my post, because I’ve not even spent one minute thinking about it due to so much going on in my life. Which I know is just an excuse.

I originally had the idea about the topic not because I already had a post in my mind, but because I wanted to actually force myself to think about game characters and what draws me to some of them and not others. I have always played games for their story and my favourite games tend to be roleplaying games made by BioWare which tend to have very deep character development. Alistair, Carth, Garrus, HK-47, Mira [not a BioWare, but an Obsidian character], Mission, Morrigan and Tali are just some of them I’ve fallen in love with over the years. Some of them for their witty dialogue, others for their excellent voice acting, backstory that perfectly fits with the character’s actions or generally powerful moments.

HK-47: Query: Can I kill him now, master? I’d like ever so much to break his neck. It’s been a long time fantasy of mine…
Revan: Maybe later…
HK-47: Did you hear that meatbag? I will be back!

But it’s not just BioWare RPG’s, there are many more characters I’ve fallen in love with over the years. Some that come to mind now are:

  • Pey’j from ‘Beyond Good and Evil’.
  • That wise cracking soldier from ‘Full Spectrum Warrior’.
  • Leo from ‘Deus Ex Invisible War’.
  • The NPC’s from ‘Destroy all Humans’.
  • Lady Grey in ‘Fable’.
  • Kent Paul from ‘GTA Vice City’
  • The grunts from the Halo series.
  • Diana from all the Hitman games.
  • Rico Rodriguez in ‘Just Cause’. Strangely I didn’t like him so much in the sequel.
  • Munch from ‘Oddworld: Munch’s Odyssey’.
  • Serious Sam!

I’m glad games are evolving to the standard they are at now. For example Mass Effect 2 [which I still haven’t completed!] blows me away every time I play it. The impact decisions of the first game have on the experience are extraordinary guaranteeing different experiences for everyone.

I hope there are going to be many more characters in games to fall in love with!

Have a look at the other Gamer Banter posts. They aren’t as rushed as mine!

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5 Responses to Gamer Banter: A rushed love letter

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  2. silvercube says:

    Beyond Good and Evil, that’s a classic there :)


  3. Terry says:

    I’m also a Pey’j fan — he’s one of my LJ icons. :)

    Speaking of Mission Vao, when I heard what happens to her in KOTOR’s dark side ending made me so sad.


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  5. Cat says:

    It’s sad it never reached sales success. I reckon it would have done well with a little bit of marketing.


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