Lost again. Still?

So it seems I may have been wrong with quite a lot of my predictions in my last post about Lost. I don’t know what to think about this season as a whole so far and now there is only the finale left. Two hours of Lost before it’s all over for good. [Insert jokes about the word Lost here…]

Ever since ‘Ab Aeterno‘ I’ve tried to mentally prepared myself to be utterly disappointed with the show’s direction to be entirely about mythology and not the characters of the six seasons to date and ‘Across the sea‘ confirmed that. I originally started watching Lost for its characters and how they all seem to have met before or appear to be related, but then there’s also the character development they’ve all gone through over time not to mention some leaving and returning to the island.

Of course there were also brilliant episodes; ‘The Candidate‘ was shocking, even though I expected the end throughout the episode. The deaths were still shocking though. Those were characters I’ve watched love, hate, search for each other for 117 episodes and then they’re dead.

With the finale coming this weekend there are still plenty of questions I want answered though I doubt most of them will be. This is by no means all of them:

  • Rose and Bernard. Yeah, I’d like to know if they’re still alive.
  • Why did DHARMA ever come to the Island? Why did DHARMA build the stations? How did DHARMA find the island? How did DHARMA transport large things to the island? Why introduce such an important faction if it ultimately doesn’t matter at all? And many more DHARMA related questions..
  • What is/was the sickness on the Island and why couldn’t babies survive?
  • Walt. Powers yes/no?
  • Miles’ powers.
  • Hurley’s ability to see dead people.
  • Who shot Sawyer et al on the outrigger early in season 5?

Last but not least in terms of happy ever after I’d like to see Hurley and Miles reunited somehow. They have great chemistry!

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2 Responses to Lost again. Still?

  1. HBW says:

    It’s funny – most the things you list were the things I was wanting to know but gave up on in season 2/3.

    Glad I jumped off then :)


  2. Cat says:

    To be fair even though I overanalyse it, it’s been so good I wouldn’t have wanted to miss watching all the good episodes. Season 5/6 were incredible.


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