And it continues..

My attempts at being ill this year continues well. Since my last post on the subject in February I’ve had countless colds lasting about a week each time, pulled muscles and back pain. The only positive side effect is that I’m finally registered with a GP; something that’s taken me over seven years!

At the moment I’ve just gotten over my first sunburn in over ten years, a pulled muscle in my right upper arm that’s flared up again, a bruise on my right forearm thanks to a railing I didn’t notice early enough and several small bruises all over thanks to my friend’s children or public transport.

In itself none of that is severe in any case and I wouldn’t be this bothered about it had it not been less than a week ago that I regained my voice again after a particularly bad cold. It really has been one thing following another pretty much since the beginning of the year.

Of course there are several reasons for it. I’m regularly spending time with my friend’s children who pick up their colds and stomach bugs from other people. Continuous colds have left my immune system weakened and I haven’t done enough to combat it. I don’t have 5 a day, I don’t have set meals and I can’t remember the last time I had breakfast, lunch and dinner at roughly the right times.

I am now officially tired of being ill so I suppose there will have to be some changes. I like cooking, but do far too little of it and much rather have bread than cooking or use frozen vegetables instead of new ones. There are many great recipes I want to try yet never get around doing them, because I don’t have all the ingredients or because it’s too much effort for just one person and I don’t see the point of it a lot. But thinking about it that is definitely just a cop out and in no way a valid excuse!

I’m going to aim at cooking at least three times a week from now on and am going to try at cooking enough to freeze it for another time which should get my vitamin consumption up and will hopefully improve my immune system!

As for the sunburn, I’ve yet again realised how great Twitter’s crowdsourcing is:

Having my first sunburn in over ten years and completely forgot how painful they are. What home remedies do you use? #

  • HeartbreakRidge: @carocat aloe and whiskey #
  • ollieboote: @carocat aftersun does actually work. pic some of taht up. otehrwise. just cold showers. #
  • Techslut: @carocat Yogurt. Cold. Smear it on then let it sit there then take a warm shower. Also, same works with aloe gel. #
  • Dramagirl: @carocat Best is juice from fresh Aloe Vera leaves crushed; cold tea. #
  • Dramagirl: @carocat Just regular tea-pot tea … black leaf … and the actual infused water #
  • PCurd: @carocat stay inside. Aloa Vera (sp). #
  • bakerleuk: @carocat cold shower it soothes the burn and knocks sense in to u fir for not wearing sun screen. Hope urs isn’t too bad #
  • bakerleuk: @carocat plus lots af aftersun to stop peeling #

And @Techslut gave me a brilliant suggestion on how to apply yoghurt and other remedies on my back:

Techslut: @carocat Simple – smear some on a towel. Put it on a bed. Put back on it. #

Of course then there are the truly strange people:

  • spritesbites: @carocat just dont do what i saw one woman do and thats use cooking oil #
  • carocat: @spritesbites Wow. Why? #
  • spritesbites: @carocat she thought it would soothe her sunburn. ffs *rolleyes* at stupid public :-(( #
  • carocat: @spritesbites How on Earth is that in any way logical?! #
  • spritesbites: @carocat it is not logical, people are just stupid #


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