Cancer Research UK – Race for Life – Reading recap

As I’ve mentioned before I was part of the volunteer team at Reading’s Race for Life this past weekend.

The weekend was really good though at the same time stressful due to many other things I was doing that weekend, not all of them planned! The weather was mostly beautiful and at least I could improve my tan and do some knitting during the Saturday downtime between races.

Kodak moments included:

  • A 94 year old woman walking on the Saturday AM race and completing the course!
  • All the costumes, specifically the child in the Doctor Who one even though he didn’t take part!
  • A woman who is normally in a wheelchair completing the 5k course in the Sunday race after just under three hours after there were only volunteers and random families in the park left.

Of course there were bad things, too:

  • Bitchy volunteers. Yes, they’re volunteers, but at the same time you should never bitch about the people taking part in the race nevermind how prepared they are. One of the reasons Cancer Research needs the volunteers is to ensure the event hasn’t got any major problems, not to bitch about someone forgetting their safety pins to attach their running numbers..
  • Lack of activities around the race leading to an empty park when the race was underway.
  • And then there was a run in I had with one person who got a bit aggressive when he found out his wife and daughter weren’t able to register on the day as the race was completely full.
  • Music. There are some songs I never ever want to hear again!


And some of mine:

I’m planning to do volunteer again next year and am also planning to walk one of the races. Are you going to sponsor me?

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