Gamer Banter: Cover art? No, thanks!

Gamer Banter is a monthly gaming discussion of multiple bloggers. More info is here and please contact Terry from Game Couch if you wish to take part.

July’s topic is set by Terry from Game Couch: How important is cover art to you?

Not at all.

Seeing how this makes for a very short Gamer Banter post, I decided to take this question to Twitter:

Gamers: How important is the cover art for you? Also, what’s your favourite one? #

  • liquidindian: Not at all. I get all my games digital download now. #
  • XaosWolf: Not for me personally, as I keep up with gaming news, but for impulse buyers and those looking for gifts, and such, very important. Favourites: Okami and Zelda TP. And most FF games. #
  • sahfenn: If I see a good cover it’ll make me look at a review. Favourite cover … Hmm. Mini ninjas on Xbox is very cute. #
  • Tapio: Ugly art=No buy..just kidding, I did buy ME2. Super Mario world has best one. Simple and that’s what cover art needs to be. #
  • spritesbites: the cover art is important, it is the first thing i see when judging a game. but what is on the back cover is more important. #
  • spritesbites: if the cover art shows signs of manga or other similar japanese art, I avoid. I don’t like that style. #
  • NeoKubrick: Not much. Most of the games now release generic cover art without it being really ‘art’.
  • phil_crabtree: I do like the box art but it’s hard to pick the best one. I liked Batman AA but maybe that’s just because I love the game? #
  • chrisbrownsell: It won’t convince me to but a game, but I do like nice box art. Not sure what my favourite is though. I’ll get back to you. #
  • PCurd: Game box art shouldn’t be important but it is as is all marketing material. I might be swayed to buy a game I was “umming and arring” about by game art that intrigues me. As for favourite box art, not really sure. I like the Dragon Age one but Fable also sticks in my memory.
  • LivingDefiance: I always thought good coverart made or broke some games for me, especially if i was unsure. #
  • Zoibie: A good cover art might make me appreciate a game more, but it never influences me to buy a game. Favourite? Resistance 2 EU I think. #
  • BladedExpert: Coverart has zero impact on purchases. But I’m usually in the know about new releases. I honestly couldn’t tell you of a favourite. #

I can remember some memorable game covers; some of my favourite ones include the style of GTA games and Voodoo Vince, but I can’t recall much else. Undeniably there are some people arguing that there is some great game cover art, but don’t see the attraction even after following this tumblr blog for months.

Convince me otherwise? What is your favourite cover art?

Read these posts to see what the other participants of Gamer Banter think about games cover art:

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14 Responses to Gamer Banter: Cover art? No, thanks!

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  3. Mizzy says:

    You know, I had to google the ME2 cover, because I honestly didn’t even remember what it looked like, even though I’ve played it multiple times.


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  6. Terry says:

    Great use of Twitter! It’s funny because I’ve been trying to think about the covers of games I’m currently playing and I mostly have generic impressions.


  7. Cat says:

    @Mizzy: So did I when I read @Tapio’s reply originally!

    @Terry: Thanks though it’s pretty much just me being entirely uncreative! But I felt that three sentences aren’t quite enough for a Gamer Banter post! ;)


  8. weefz says:

    I agree with Spritebites. Over on the Zath post I mentioned that I tend to assume judge genres by the front cover, but it’s definitely the back cover that will make or break a purchase for me. If the screenshots make it look like a mindless action basher, I’ll drop a game straight away.


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  10. Michelle says:

    It’s weird how widely shared the view is on game box art – as in not really relevant but a completely nice to have. One of the few things in gaming it seems we can mostly agree on.

    Thanks for the game box link! That sites amazing :D


  11. Cat says:

    @Weefz: I have yet to make a decision to not buy a game based on the cover. Buy, yes, not buy, no.

    @Michelle: It is a pretty good site, glad I came across it some time ago!


  12. weefz says:

    Cat: Ah, I should point out, these choices are over games that I’ve picked up off the shelf in a second-hand store and don’t know a thing about. Games that I’ve already researched, the box makes no difference to me whatsoever. I rarely see my game boxes anyway – they’re packed away on a shelf, spine out.


  13. Cat says:

    Ah, that makes much more sense! :)


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