Why do tweets about alcohol always get the most replies?

Surely it would indicate that most of my followers may have too much! Here’s the previous time a tweet about alcohol got quite a few and this is what I got yesterday.


How long does a screwtop bottle of red wine remain drinkable once opened? #


  • jhomerston: I’d say about 2 days, 3 if the wine was a very dry red. #
  • emmaguy: if it smells like vinegar its probably gone. Otherwise it’s still good ;) #
  • GeminiAce: Depends on how many bottles you’ve consumed before it. #
  • Anie67: if it’s screw top i’m guessing it’s a cheapish young wine? should last several days with cap on. older wines only ‘last’ about 6hrs #
  • FallingBullets: dont know, never seen one last more than an hour… :p #
  • PCurd: depends on the quality of the wine but weeks most likely for a cheap bottle. Red tastes like vinegar when it’s off #
  • musecrossing: As long as a corked one, if not longer. #
  • jszuryn: A week? (unless you drink it a bit sooner than that :) #
  • loop_pool: depends how high your standards are! #
  • Anie67: have you poisoned yourself on wine? #
  • Ankit_Tr: I dont think alcohol goes bad. /Arrested Development #
  • LivingDefiance: From what i’ve learn, up to a weak it’ll keep a decent taste #
  • Angrythehat: did you leave it open or cork it? #
  • sahfenn: about 5 days I think. Any longer than that it’s all gone here anyway ;) #

I actually discovered white wine only a couple of years ago and still don’t like red wine much. This particular bottle was opened some time ago, so long in fact that I can’t remember exactly when! Based on the responses I got I decided to not smell it or anything else and just pour it down the sink!

Thanks everyone!


I’ve been a bit quiet this week both on here and Twitter. I’ve generally not had a good week from a mild stomach bug at the beginning of the week, generally stress and things to deal with plus no internet at home and dabr, my mobile Twitter client of choice, has been a bit temperamental lately.

I’m hoping things will improve next week though, I could do with a less stressful time!

This weekend I’m planning to do some more knitting as I’m very behind on projects and some more laundry. Realistically though I’ve been getting the urge to go back and complete my 7th KotOR playthrough as I want to play KotOR II again, especially after reading about Nar Shaddaa yesterday.

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4 Responses to Why do tweets about alcohol always get the most replies?

  1. Sarah says:

    Good plan to chuck that wine, would have been very bad!

    Sorry to hear you weren’t well this week just gone. Hope you have a great weekend and a fab week to make up for it.


  2. Cat says:

    Thanks. :)

    Not quite sure how it’s working out so far though!

    Hope the bag was ok?


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