There can never be too many cats

Having watched quite a bit of TV lately, mostly as an excuse to do some knitting, I’ve also had the ‘fortune’ to watch a lot of adverts. Surprisingly some are actually quite good, like the one with Bobo, but nothing beats this excellent and supercute IKEA advert:

Arthur, or rather soulcat as @Jhomerston dubbed him, has now been with me for four months and whilst there have been some conflicts I do very much enjoy having him here which is also evident by the amount of pictures I’ve taken of him.

In less than a month my time with him will be over as the original reason for his stay with me will be resolved. I predicted in my original post:

Will it be easy giving him back? I doubt that, but for now I’ll make the best out of it!

It’s not easy and I’ve spent the last couple of months considering asking his owners whether they’d consider giving Arthur to me, but held off as I imagined that would make our relationship even more frosty. Now time is ticking and I have no option but to ask or give him back which is tricky and will require the correct approach.

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4 Responses to There can never be too many cats

  1. fbstj says:

    There is already too many cats…


  2. raincoaster says:

    Too many cats? That’s what stir-fry was invented for.


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