Knitting: Christmas style wristwarmers

These sort of came about by mistake. I had just finished knitting a scarf for a friend and had a tiny amount of white wool left and the desire to make another pair of wristers so I started knitting and within a couple of days ended up with my christmas style wristers! Overall they took me roughly six hours per wristwarmer which is a total of 12 hours and includes sewing in the ends and strengthening some of the more used areas around the thumb.

Colours used: White and Red. Both is using Hayfield Bonus DK which happens to be my favourite wool as it’s soft and can be tumble dried.


  • Cast on 44 stitches with the white wool. I’m using five double sided needles to avoid having to sew it together later and it’s a smoother effect, but it does take a bit of practice.
  • Purl for altogether 12 rows though obviously that can be more if a larger white border is desired.
  • Switch to red, knit and reduce to 40 stitches. This creates the effect of the white ‘sticking out’.
  • Carry on knitting for however many rows. I stopped counting after about 20 with mine and I’m sure I’m up to something like 50 or 60.
  • When it’s long enough from the arm to the thumb bind off 8 stitches for the thumb.
  • Knit/Purl for another 8-10 rows until the gap for the thumb is large enough and cast on the 8 stitches to carry on knitting in the round.
  • Knit another 4-10 rows until binding off. I knitted 6 more, but it depends on the size of the hands.


Now I realise that my ability to write out what I’ve done is about as good as my ability to read patterns [read: rubbish], but seeing I was asked by several people about this I figured I’d stick it on here. I think that the main dislike for reading/writing patterns and guidelines is that I’m just not comfortable with knitting terminology at all and, just like with cooking, much more prefer to try things out. Do feel free to ask questions though and I’ll try to answer them as best as I can.

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