The week ahead

Unsurprisingly I’ve sort of caught the travelling bug and, coupled with the excuse of never having explored the UK much plus some amazing National Express offers, I can’t wait to travel to places. And so I am doing this week with a brief visit to Sheffield to visit a friend and whilst I’m both excited at going to a place I’ve never been to before and seeing my friend obviously, it’s also coming at quite a bad time as I fear it might be my last week with Arthur.

I’ve mentioned before that his return was coming up and even though I’ve not been told that they will take him back and no arrangements regarding his return have been made, there hasn’t been anything to the contrary either. Sure, there have been hints made to me and my friend about how happy he is at mine, but at the same time there have been problems about me looking after him too well and giving him too much attention which is ludicrous really.

One thing that is clear is that me and him live together well and have done so since the beginning. He enjoys having me around most of the day and likes my company, as well as the relative peace and quiet with having just one person in a house versus a large family and visiting small children. He is a changed cat by all means, he is eating properly, has stopped self harming [which we all believe was due to the stress of having too many people around] and is a much more loving cat which does make me think that he is a lot happier with me. Without blowing my own trumpet too much..

Initially I agreed to looking after him as a favour to my friend and, also, to have all the enjoyment and pleasure of a cat without the 15 year commitment, but now I really don’t know how to give him back if the day comes.

And I think that is why I’m trying to do as much as possibly this week from going to Sheffield to helping a friend paint and move house to occupying myself with knitting groups and other activities. It’s almost like I’m wanting to spend as little time as possible with him to make the eventual split less difficult, but that’s pretty much just lying to myself as he’s been happily asleep on my feet for three hours now..

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