Knitting: @Anie67’s delayed birthday present

I’m not the best when it comes to keeping up with dates or rather actually giving a present on the day it’s due.. Truth be told I was so busy in the run up to her birthday that I only started knitting her scarf a few days before. Even worse, I then unravelled it again a couple of weeks later to knit it slightly differently! So with a month’s delay it was finally finished!

It’s a very basic scarf with 22 stitches and took me about 15 hours overall with the most time spent on adding the fringe bits at the end.

  • Cast on 22 stitches using white Hayfield Bonus DK.
  • Row 1 – 10k, 2p, 10k.
  • Row 2 – 10p, 2k, 10p.
  • Repeat row 1-2 until scarf has desired length. I used an entire ball of wool for it.

This actually turned out just like she wanted it; a very long and thin scarf. Due to the stitch the scarf rolls up on the sides, but this can be stopped by ironing the scarf through a wet towel.

Work in progress pictures here and here. And once finished I had just enough of one ball of white wool left over to knit my Christmas Style wristwarmers!

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