And #soulcat is mine!

It’s been up and down for weeks with Arthur imminent return back to his owners and two weeks ago it looked certain I was about to lose him. However, thanks to my awesome skills in convincing people and him genuinely being happier at mine, they made the decision on Monday to leave him at mine for good meaning he is now my cat which makes me very happy.

Of course it means that I’m now fully responsible for him and his food costs and vet bills, but it’s a small price to pay for not losing him and towards the end I really couldn’t imagine not having Arthur in the flat.

Talking about Arthur, it almost feels strange to call him Arthur these days ever since @Jhomerston first came up with the term soulcat back in May, allegedly because Arthur’s eyes were stealing his soul. Moving on some months and plenty of usage of #soulcat on Twitter and people now no longer call him Arthur. There has been an incredible response to me being able to keep him on Twitter and also in person with most just calling him soulcat.

And Arthur’s so oblivious to it!

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2 Responses to And #soulcat is mine!

  1. Jana Herwig says:

    Hey, this sounds perfect! I saw the term #soulcat pop up over and over again, but never bothered to get behind the full story. I, too, would love to have a cat, always wanted to, but like you never thought I’d be ready for such a commitment (and my partner has developed a slight allergy, even though we both love cats).

    I always thought that, if I were ever to have a cat, it would be an old one, one that I’d have for a few years, a quieter, slower kind of cat. Soulcat pretty much sounds like that type of cat:)


  2. Cat says:

    The term #soulcat really just took a life of its own, it’s amazing! Looking through the Twitter search of the last week I only did a limited number of tweets with it!

    I do think he is the perfect cat, he is ‘gemaechlich’. As much as I love the kittens I had before, he has much more grown on me.


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