About the CSS upgrade

For the next few days or weeks this blog might look a little different, or rather theme-less, as one of the paid upgrades I’m using is about to expire.

As I don’t currently have a PayPal account for reasons I will not go into as it will just make me too angry, I was unable to renew the update. A friend did offer to do so for me using his account, but we never got around it and I won’t see him for a few days at least. Renewing the upgrade involves logging into my WordPress.com account and I don’t feel comfortable sharing the password, just like, obviously, my friend wouldn’t share his PayPal password. It’s all been a bit of a logistics problem.

I love the theme I’m using and even though WordPress.com has recently rolled out plenty of nice, new themes this blog wouldn’t be the same without ‘my’ theme.

For those confused: I am not hosting my blog, it is instead part of WordPress.com which is a free service and provides the same blogging experience as the selfhosted WordPress software located at WordPress.org with the exception that I’m unable to edit the themes [apart from CSS modifications], can’t use much JavaScript and have no access to a plugin directory, none of which is something I’ve ever felt I’ve missed out on. I do, however, have two paid upgrades, one for domain mapping and the other for the CSS which expires today.

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