It’s like I was away!

I spent a majority of the weekend away from home which was largely unplanned.

Friday evening had a friend of mine cook for me which involved first walking to his. All 3.7 miles. It got so late I stayed over, but didn’t get much sleep due to us talking most of the time. And then I ended up having some much needed laptop internet catch up.

I left at 7am the next morning and walked back home to sleep for a few hours until meeting a friend in town for coffee.

This was then followed by meeting another friend for more coffee! This also happened to be the only actually planned thing I had this weekend.

After that walking to another friend watching her paint her walls followed by watching “A Clockwork Orange” (meh..) and then staying over as it was suddenly 2am.

Sunday morning started by being woken up by her children, breakfast, briefly looking after the children and then heading back into town.

All of Sunday afternoon was then spent in Starbucks where I only returned home at 7pm to an annoyed Arthur.

Things I have learned this weekend:

– I need to get back into the habit of walking to places. It’s not that bad..
Purple paint is amazing.
– @RobAshton + coffee = bad mix. Except I knew that before!
– I need to put less in one weekend and more over several days..
– My phone is great even for longish blogposts!

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