I’m sick of being ill

I’m really sick of being ill ALL THE TIME. It started over a year ago and since then I’ve been ill practically every week. 2011 alone I’ve had four colds with the latest one currently lasting over a week and being the most severe one since Boxing Day. There was a cold-free week this year during which I’ve had a migraine like headache lasting four days.

And I don’t know why as I’ve made efforts to change:

  • I try to eat more healthily. I generally get my 5 a day and have made an effort to eat breakfast.
  • For most of the time I have actually had more sleep than usual.
  • I have gone for a complete medical checkup, including bloodtests, which showed that I’m completely healthy..

This morning I went back to my GP as I was getting very worried about this latest cold and the effects it’s been having on me. After having to wait over an hour to be seen I was merely told that everything is just a normal cold. No one apart from me seems worried that I’ve been ill this often or for such a length of time.

It’s frustrating and I don’t really know what to do any more.

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9 Responses to I’m sick of being ill

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  2. Clair says:

    That sucks :(


  3. MusEditions says:

    I know from reading your tweets that this has been chronic for you :( I do hope that you get to the bottom of it; you are a tremendous person and deserve to feel well :)


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  5. Cat says:

    Thank you both. :)


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  9. Sn.Im says:

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