Task set: Be more constructive

I’m having a pretty bad day. Some bad news this morning followed by ripping my favourite [and only!] pair of jeans, as well as lack of sleep which is impacting my ability to concentrate on work and tolerate some of my more annoying colleagues. I’ve spent the last couple hours equally feeling sorry for myself or angry at the situation and have ranted at several people.

Up until the other day I wasn’t aware just how much time I spend complaining about things rather than fixing them. I only realised it with the example of three friends who in the space of a week took a lot of my time through ranting at me constantly via work IM, texting, calls and more. I’m really not sure why this is only a recent discovery, but I think it’s related that I suddenly found myself having to listen as I wasn’t able to get out of the situations as I couldn’t just move desks at work or not read my texts and after having one person rant all day I wasn’t able to listen to anyone else.

It made me realise how unconstructive it was as a whole and how none of them would actually do anything against it. I’m not so bitter about them not taking my advice, but more that it was practically the same conversations and grievances over and over again with no chance of a solution or anything else. And effectively so much time wasted on nothing.

I personally don’t believe I’m all that bad. Yes, I complain about things a lot, but I tend to either sort them out or ignore them. There are certain places or people I complain more to so this might seem hypocritical to them.

Either way, I don’t want to spend more time on things that don’t matter. I’ll continue to vent on here or other places, but I’ll complain less to other people. There is so much I have to do in the upcoming weeks with work and yet another housemove, as well as trying to get back to some sort of normality that I really can’t allow more time to be spent on something that won’t get me anywhere.

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